Advantages of Using Organic Graden Fertilizer in Your Garden

Advantages of Using Organic Graden Fertilizer in Your Garden

The synthetic and the chemical fertilizers most people use today is only a modern invention. Before this invention people used organic garden fertilizer in their farms. And even before people got the idea to use a fertilizer, plants depended on their falling leaves and other matter as compost. Chemical fertilizers may have had instant and unbelievable returns but now the health hazards a chemically modified foods poses is a fact. So many people are switching back to the healthier choice for fertilizers.

Chemical fertilizers are now found out to affect the human body and as well as the ecosystem. Organic fertilizers are much more economical and are definitely safer than their synthetic counterparts. While a synthetic fertilizer may give instant results, organic ones give long-lasting ones which also protect the environment, especially the soil.

Organic fertilizers are better for the gardens in the house as it helps both the plant to grow and prevents the side effects that maybe caused by a chemical one. Organic fertilizers are available almost everywhere where gardening supplies are sold.

Organic fertilizers are very cheap compared to the chemical ones as it mainly made from kitchen and animal waste. The expensive chemical ones may give impressive initial results but it damages the soil and the plant in the long run.

Chemical fertilizers need to carefully sprayed and coming in contact directly is dangerous to health. It also robs the fertile soil of its nutrients and making it useless after regular usage. Organic fertilizers do not pose any of these harms.

They do not cause any damage to the human or the plant. Organic fertilizers also help soil which has been leeched by chemical fertilizers to regain its lost nutrients. Organic fertilizers are mostly insoluble and the plant absorbs the nutrients gradually thus effecting for a longer time.

Organic sea-weed fertilizer helps the plant to grow and yield better. Switching to an organic garden fertilizer is a better idea as it would make the vegetables healthier and so making the people who consume it healthy as well.

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