Anglesey Primary School Eco Garden Update

Anglesey School are now harvesting a variety of fruit and vegetables which they have grown in their eco garden. The project has being funding through the National Lottery, which has enabled the school to work with Groundwork UK to provide curriculum based activities for the children to learn all the skills they need to be successful growers!

Cyrenians Farm is a small but growing social enterprise, located 7 miles outside Edinburgh just off the A71. Created to provide much needed work-based opportunities for vulnerable young people, the farm is also home to a thriving market garden, soft fruit plantations, apples and plum orchards, chicken and sheep flocks and a small apiary. We have converted outhouses into a commercial production kitchen and a rustic training room. On-site activities are structured around farm-based work and include corporate team-building challenges, structured learning for vulnerable young people, short day courses and provision of volunteering opportunities.
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  1. Greenvalds says:

    Great farm :)

  2. ckepon says:

    Fantastic to see (very well made) films of the farm and community I loved volunteering at several years ago, and wonderful to see how things have grown and progressed. All very inspiring. Well done Sean and all there!

    ps, yes it is organic (re previous post) – and as was said, good to see the wider enterprise model blossoming and helping you self-sustain..

    pps, good to see Muriel still about..

    Best wishes and love, Chris Keppie

  3. Cr8Joi says:

    I hope it’s organic! And teach the young people how to create their own worker owned businesses. Thanks!

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