Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen: Spanish Breakfast Scramble -Join me and I’ll show you how to make a fast, easy, nutritious, and delicious raw food breakfast scramble using nuts, seeds, and veggies. This recipe’s from her uncookbook, “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen”. Visit my raw food blog for more raw food recipe ideas, more videos, and organic ingredients:
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Blossom-end rot is a physiological disorder that occurs in tomato, pepper, and eggplant. You may notice that a dry sunken circular decay has developed on the blossom end of your fruit. In this video you will see a what BER looks like and what you can do about it.
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  1. rimeg says:

    if it is not egg why make it look like egg. Making it look like egg I am actually keeping my consciousness at the egg conscious level. However I no longer eat egg thus it is not good for my consciousness to pretend and to simulate fool my self. I have to eat at the level of consciousness at which I am at. I can still eat almond pate allowing it to be what it is almond pate not mock egg…honesty in food leads to honesty as food for the mind.

  2. kanibal2g4 says:

    um yeah…i make salads using spiniach instead of lettuce sometimes

  3. waynebw says:

    A splash of olive oil at the end could work well also, looks great :)

  4. YogaMaia says:


  5. ajchanter says:

    go raw veganism!! :D

  6. wwood14 says:

    Your cute..

  7. solargazing69 says:


  8. JuliesRawAmbition says:

    Delicious!!!! Thanks ANI!!

  9. topuctg says:

    can we eat raw spinach?? i was always told to steam or fry them??!!

  10. memadman says:

    You can touch my food anytime !

  11. kmcl11 says:

    I tried it and it was great.

  12. kmcl11 says:

    I just made the dish using regular salt, garden tomatoes and red onuions….it’s great.

  13. cat34215 says:

    you should def call up the food network or something. i love this. i wish i could eat healthy like that. id buy a cookbook too

  14. mmttgg says:

    I started eating raw food two weeks ago and I love it. I grave it all the time.

  15. mmttgg says:

    That looks so good

  16. airtolight says:

    wonderful video.. I am a Korean and vegan who is trying to be raw vegan. This helped me in many ways.. thanks Ani.

  17. MsBuddhaFly says:

    man, that looks good!

  18. aubergineX says:

    I’m hungry… For raw food!? :)

  19. 777shalom777 says:

    I just made this and it is amazing!! My husband who went to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school was really impressed!!

  20. thomaslavoie says:

    OMG, i’m now at my 13th try of this meal. In 24 hours, i made this meal 13 times. Sooooo GOOD!

  21. thomaslavoie says:

    I don’t know if you know who Don Gorske is? Well, he is the guy that ate thousands and thousands of big macs. he says it is his favorite meal and he ate many big macs the first time he tried them. Well i have remade this recipe 7 times today!

  22. thomaslavoie says:

    I think i can honestly say that this is the best food item i have ever eaten. Remembering all the coocked food i used to eat before beeing a raw vegan. This is by far the best. Note: i added more types of organic spiced. I ate it with a soup made with 50% pure olive oil. 5/5

  23. elizabethxmadison says:

    this was fantastic!!!

  24. aniphyo says:

    yes, my book is now available at all bookstores! also Amazon is still offering the special pre order pricing of $13!! thanks so much for your support and for enjoying these videos and raw foods!

  25. wilkinziz says:

    Thank you Ani for doing this on video – like others I’m looking into eating raw foods but the books just don’t do the same as watching someone prepare it. Your video really encouraged me to try this. You have a really fantastic presence on video and I hope one day you have your own show!!

  26. chicorie says:

    thank you, that helps alot!

  27. Maxsio415 says:

    Thanks for showing what blossom end rot looks like

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