Apartment Garden Update 4

The Cayenne Uprising! Even though my jalapenos flowered first it was too hot and they dropped their flowers (almost 100 °F or 38 °C) Now that its a little cooler the ones that survived are showing off. Aphids are a constant battle. Always checking under the leaves for them. Finaly got my first tomato flower but still no fruit. Cilantro and dill all but died. Rosemary is slow but actually growing. After the video I topped the basil and gave it a trim. I want to encourage it to bush out, not up. I don’t need it being to top heavy. I’ll have another update when we harvest our first pepper!
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  1. covertcriminal says:

    @marito001 Thanks! Next year I’m gonna try seed vs clone!

  2. marito001 says:

    cool video!!!! nice plants

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