ASK Apparel – naturally dyed organic clothing

Episode on Tennessee Crossroads (on Nashville Public Television) about ASK Apparel, a small business based in Nashville, TN. We are three sisters who do natural dyeing on organic cotton and silk, to produce beautiful clothing that is good for you and the planet! find more info at Thanks for checking us out and helping to make the world a better place!
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  1. fantamize says:

    This is awesome. :)

  2. GrandmaJennyLee says:

    It would be great to see how you work with the mordants for dying.

  3. neeterxxi says:

    Awesome!! I’m growing woad for the first time this year. It doesn’t get as big and pretty as it probably would if I lived somewhere cooler but it’s fun all the same. Can’t wait to harvest and make some dye later on this year. I’m going to improve my soil and try and grow even more next year.

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