Awesome Dried Mango Recipe

Adam shows how to make dried mango. An amazing alternative snack, full of sweetness your taste buds desire without all the crap found in most commercial snacks.

Emily reviews 3 flavors of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balms. To learn more, visit this site: For updates on future videos FACEBOOK- BLOG- Disclaimer I purchased these products. I am not affiliated with this company and these are my honest opinions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. assiduously says:

    Amazing. So your recipe is: put a mango in your dehydrator.

  2. eighthitcombo says:

    live mango slicing fail

  3. morganmore6 says:

    you are sexy

  4. shogundapker says:

    1337th view, ftw.

  5. poweroffood says:

    @jpn627 LOL….I am a trained professional…LOL…no really. I have never cut myself, but if I do promise to leave it in the video as evidence of what not to do. Thanks for looking out for me, I appreciate it!

  6. jpn627 says:

    I cringed as I watched you cut towards your hand. Don’t do that. I’m just looking out for you. :-)

  7. poweroffood says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

  8. jaybors says:

    nice video… but like what imadey0tube… you can make this video a bit shorter.. less talk… hehehehehe 40% wastage…. hehehehe

  9. benrawlesacoustic says:

    @imadey0utube Haha agreed.

    This is a great video, and il definitely try it, but spice down your videos a bit man! There’s no need to over do it, you’l still get the message across, and people will find them easier to watch!

  10. imadey0utube says:

    Turn down the volume of the YAYYYS.

  11. LadyGaGa0997 says:

    i dont find them moistruzing after it wares off my lips.. my lips feel dryish and not soft

  12. glittergirl9507 says:

    @bubspazz9291 they cost around $3 and you can buy them walgreens and rite aid. hope that helped!

  13. xosteph94xo says:

    i freaking love you and your videos!
    you are an amazing speaker it keeps me never getting bored =)
    i have eos lipbalms and im in love with them!
    im really hoping to find the lemon drop one somewhere because its sold out online =(
    you should definetly get the sweet mint one, its my favorite! =)

  14. 0MGTayTayGurl says:

    @BoSzMAMA The consistency is VERY smooth. It has an incredible smell which ever scent you get. I’d say it’s comparable to the original chapstick, but a smoother consistency.

  15. jbuggin77 says:

    @bubspazz9291 they are at most drugstores cvs walgreens and rite aid they are about 3.49 each

  16. BoSzMAMA says:

    What is the consistency like? Any other lip balms or chap stick it can be compared to?

  17. ktmillerful says:

    My computer froze right when she said “I’ve got balls”.

  18. mygodisable2 says:

    Thanks Emily, I am glad you told me about this, very interesting. I already check their website to find out which stores carry it. I will be checking this out. Thanks again for the nice tip.

  19. CirquedeKajal says:

    @thatkat07 Thats what I did too haha! I found mines at the nailpolish area in a three pack

  20. lulugoesRAWR says:

    I.LOVE.YOUR.NOSE. It’s simply perfect.

  21. bubspazz9291 says:

    where can i get them and how much do they cost plz help!!!!

  22. thatkat07 says:

    i looked for these at like, 4 different walgreens! they are so hidden and after i finally found the 3pack below the register, i started seeing then everywhere else in the store haha. love, love, loooove this product.

  23. missannikamazing says:

    i loooove these! i have only had mine for a couple of days, and my lips are soooo smooth…i’m going out to buy lemon drop today :) ( i already have honeysuckle honeydew)

  24. NoPunches says:

    Why does she remind of Blair from the Facts of Life?

  25. alittleaboutalot says:

    @catsforever3 they have a rubber inner core that prevents it from melting all over. i think if it does melt, it just stays in there and rehardens… i made a video about it!

  26. paramorefreak165 says:

    you look absolutely gorgeous in this video!! can you do a tutorial on the look you are wearing in this video, including the lips and cheeks? Thanks!

  27. catsforever3 says:

    Question: Do you think these would melt in a car or in the heat?

  28. thechefasian1 says:

    yes someone has to get the world to know about these i have the same three pack it summerfruit smells like peach

  29. ShiNeeRiCe says:

    :D I have the yellow one and to me it smells like the yellow starburts

  30. ilovemusic101nw says:

    @livrox321 where i bought mine at walgreens it was $9.99

  31. livrox321 says:

    how much is the 3 pack

  32. MrsKarro says:

    After seeing your clip, I just had to see if they could be bought here and they did so I bought Honeysuckle Honeydew. And I just love it, the smell and how it feels on the lips. Totally awesome!!!

  33. MsSydneyErin says:

    god i love those things so much, The sweet mint is REALLY good.

  34. funnyx4321 says:

    @bintmasrya u can buy them online.

  35. bintmasrya says:

    where exactly do you find them? i looked every where at walgreens and rite aid and i cant find them next to the lip balm are :(

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