Bat Guano from Caveman’s: The best organic fertilizer Find out where Bat Guano organic fertilizer comes from, and what’s inside. Presented by the Caveman in Indonesia. Caveman’s Bat Guano is the ideal organic fertilizer for your prize plants, garden or vegetable patch. We are now importing this high quality organic product for UK wholesale and retail. We sell Fresh Bat Guano and Rock Guano Fresh Bat Guano is a powerful fertiliser and soil enhancer. Rock Guano is high in phosphorous and can be used as a limer. Both products are used together for a complete organic solution. Fresh Bat Guano is the collection of droppings from the cave floor, including bat manure, animal remains and minerals. Rich in Nitrogen and organic matter, Fresh Bat Guano delivers premium fertilization along with fungicidal and nematocidal ingredients which protect your plants from diseases such as root rot. Rock Guano is a mining product from areas with a high concentration of bats or birds. Over years droppings solidify into massive deposits which are rich in Phosphate and minerals. Oven cooked and pelleted, Caveman’s Rock Guano is also water soluble. Why use Caveman’s Bat Guano? For thousands of years, farmers all over the world have known the power of bat guano as a fertilizer. Containing high levels of Nitrogen and Phosphates, minerals from the caves, organic matter, microbial flora and soil enhancing chelates, bat guano use is documented worldwide and reknowned for excellent results in farming. Now available by mail order from the

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  1. nectarineblue says:

    there is reports, especially in jamica where the removal of the bat guano is destroying the environment.

  2. TogieTung says:

    If you vermicompost (worm composting) the guana with other organic waste it would boost the nutrients even further, multiplying fruit/ veggie size & productivity & its eco-friendly.

  3. dogmangg45 says:

    is it better than the manure ?

  4. x1234567898 says:

    hmm nitrogen??

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