Blackbird Naturals + RawModel – Ladybugs in the Evening

After a few glasses of organic wine, we decided to head out to the fruit trees and spread some ladybugs. One grapefruit has been bothered by aphids, and the ladies have been called to the rescue. Always release your ladybugs in the evening! My package said to mist your plants with clean water before applying the ladybugs below the plants..makes sense.Freedom! We created Blackbird Naturals as a form of conscious commerce to fund our projects such as organic gardens and food forests – creating our Heaven on Earth – one lovely chocolate truffle at a time. This video shares aspects about Blackbird’s natural organic healthy foods, showing how we create healthy profits that go to support our gardens and food forests – enjoy! We love you! for more info visit our Web of Food Forests
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  1. markhess says:

    Nice setup you have there! And, great solution to your aphid problem! – Mark

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