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Blue Skies is a fresh fruit cutting business with factories in Egypt, South Africa and Ghana. We believe in providing only the freshest pure fruit products and then delivering them to the consumer as quickly as possible. We supply to a wide range of customers including some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK, Europe and South Africa. Our biggest factory is in Ghana which employs over 1000 people. The site has a library, a clinic, a crèche, an internet café and a. Blue Skies is a place where all employees are treated fairly, farmers are paid on time and everyone is encouraged to have fun and look after their environment. Through our ongoing investment in Africa, we aim to create more opportunities for long-term sustainable development whilst supplying the best fresh-from-harvest prepared fruits in the world.
Video Rating: 3 / 5 – Ani Phyo visits Bali, Indonesia in search of raw food essentials, and introduces us to the mysterious and delicious durian fruit. Find information on Ani, free recipes, more videos, organic ingredients, and kitchen tools at: (new site launching around Feb 20 or so)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. lovevsabsence says:

    @nostalgiavideos2 wrong. i’m korean, and so is ani, and the moment i smelled durian, i felt as if i was going to throw up. just because a person is asian doesn’t necessarily mean that they will love the smell! i’m sure that some people, more viets, grow up eating this stuff. so they will more than likely love it. i know some caucasians that enjoy the smell and like the fruit.

  2. michaelandtristan says:

    durian’s are disgusting…

  3. phred75 says:

    Ani, turn down the music and amplify the voice track. The music is drowning you out!

  4. nostalgiavideos2 says:

    This is a reallly bizarre human experience. Ask any caucasian and most of them can’t stand even the smell of it from a distance but any asian would somehow love it. It’s really strange human palate difference. Worthwhile for a scientific study:-)

  5. VeganGirl1011 says:

    I WANT A DURIAN FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @MotivationSeeker That’s probably why, it says ‘frozen durian’. It was white and gloopy (like pulpy glue) and tasted rather unpleasant. I’ll probably have more luck in Chinatown, apparently the badder it smells the more tasty it is.

  7. MotivationSeeker says:

    @ARRYCATMASTAHFUNK I’m a huge Durian fan and buy them from the markets sometimes when they are in season (I live in the tropics). However I once bought one in Melbourne. The inside was cold as it had been frozen. It did not have the same taste as a fresh Durian. It was mushy, white-ish and lacked flavour. I contributed this to being picked too green and being frozen.
    Green Durian’s are also eatable, the flesh is harder, it doesn’t have the french cheese smell and tastes a bit like chestnuts.


    I never had durian before and I bought one from superstore imported from china, I was really expecting it to taste better but it tasted kinda like HP sauce D: the flesh was white and goopy, was it not mature or ripe enough?

  9. mitalmas says:

    i love you ani! your so sexy when u eat durian lol will u marry me?

  10. kerbdog7 says:

    Great video – Made all the better with one of my favourite songs playing in the background!……………………Hans Zimmer’s – You’re so cool!

    you’re so cool! i love your passion for raw food :)

  11. simplytunhi says:

    i loveee durian itself! it’s so good, and everyone always gets bothered by the smell of it.

  12. cafeaukitty says:

    There’s always a way to open the Durian with your hands. I feel that one must learn to do this for the full experience… and for the most humanity toward the plant. Love Live Ani – thanks for helping us do the same!

  13. redirises says:

    Ani, you should do a raw food recipe with a durian! I ordered your book on amazon a while ago, I can’t wait for it to get here in April!

  14. shhhhus says:

    anyway i want to try d durian ;hurd it was gud ; but ive always hurd it was funky(and i dont mean d music funky).

    im also wondering dus it come wif a mask n perfume ,lis(laughing nwards);either way im still eating it,i luv my fruits (yay)…

  15. InnerBeauty2006 says:

    Im going to try this. It looks like it would taste a cross between an avocado and a mango

  16. AL0229 says:

    with a touch of onion lol… made me laugh

  17. TheHealthJunkie says:

    I just got some frozen durian from my local Asian market, and I must say, it’s absolutely delicious. One of the best fruits I’ve ever had. I don’t understand how some people are revolted by it. I was all bracing myself, getting ready to projectile vomit, but it just tasted like banana + vanilla custard, with a touch of onion.

  18. xsliceofheavenx says:

    Im a raw foodist and never tried a durian LOL. Id like to try it someday:O

  19. dearyogini says:

    I was under the impression that when a durian is ripe, it splits. I bought one from an Asian market even here in the Chicago area and it was split in sections. I didn’t have to do much work on it. I cannot imagine holding it and trying to cut it open, LOL. It hurts sooo much!

  20. Mooncelt says:

    Looks tough to do but worth the effort. Thanks for sharing this!

  21. michelstube says:

    that looks like a hard one to me. Big and hard.

  22. aniphyo says:

    @pistasheo ha haaaa. durian is a aphRAWdisiac, it releases endorphins and make us feel happy…and maybe hot too, funny

  23. aniphyo says:

    @abyssquick durian and chocolate and also chili too. cinnamon is great. i need to go find a durian later today…craving…

  24. aniphyo says:

    @gik130 jackfruit is the flavor of juicy fruit gum. i got to enjoy a jackfruit curry in bali that was unreal, yum.

  25. pistasheo says:

    this video is really hot

    pardon me if inappropriate

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