Sunday Today presents: Ali Wing, giggle founder and CEO

——— click (more info) for links ——— Ali Wing, author of giggle guide to baby gear, talks about new-parent must-haves on Sunday Today. Visit for more on Ali Wing. giggle guide to baby gear: giggle Ultimate Receiving Blankets: Baby OHM Diaper Changing Mat: Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns: Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream: Mustela Extra Thick Cleansing Cloths: Bambino Mio Birth to Potty Set: Thinkbaby 9-Ounce Bottle Set (BPA-Free): Carabean: Lap-Shoulder Striped Romper: Fruit Teethers & Tote (Organic Cotton):

Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains how to correctly plant a citrus tree. Whether planting in the ground or in a container, Celeste displays the most effective method for either planting option. From the type of fruit to the specific soil and location of the tree, the video depicts the significance of each key step and needed ingredients. Beginning with planting compost and cactus mix, to the addition of citrus food and chicken manure, these simple yet helpful hints make planting both fun and easy. For more information on the products used in this video please check out Check out more gardening how to videos at EB Stone’s Youtube channel! – http EB Stone Recipe Card -Location-Lots of sun and well drained soil -Hole should be as tall and twice as wide as the root ball -Mix original soil with EB Stone Planting Compost 50/50 -Place tree in hole and use EB Stone Organic Sure Start -Massage roots and add the soil compost mixture -Feed with EB Stone Organic Citrus Food -Top dress with EB Stone Chicken Manure
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Cleaning With Vinegar

Check out this tip for cleaning your fruits and vegetables efficiently and economically.
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Meet the Farmer: Patrick DeYoung, Blue Moon Organics

We visited Patrick DeYoung of Blue Moon Organics in Aptos, California in Spring 2008. He became a farmer after taking some time off from the stock market to surf. In this short video, he talks about growing strawberries for maximum flavor, how he uses bugs instead of pesticides, and how he treats the soil of their rented farm land to leave it better than before.

Planting Apple Trees in Northern Minnesota

Planting an apple tree on a glorious spring day.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 – Don Tolman explains wholefoods and his FDR books

Don Tolman shares wholefood signatures and how they target human health and remiss disease and invites you to invest in his encyclopedia of wholefood medicine – the Farmacist Desk Reference.
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Pests – pear midge maggots

In this imperfect world, there are many problems. Hey , you already knew that! In the context of tree fruit growing, there are many and various pests and diseases which (like the pear midge) can destroy your whole crop. I plan to put up a few videos about some of the more common problems. There is ethical and scientific controversy about how best to manage pest and disease problems. Basically there are 2 approaches-organic and conventional. There is some overlap, for example organic growers use some pesticides and conventional growers use methods like pheremone traps (for codling moth and plum maggot-I will deal with this later) which are ‘organic’ etc. This is a big debate and there is a lot of technical information and strong feelings. We need to stick to the facts and do more and better research, which IMHO should be government or not-for-profit foundation funded as big pharma will only research stuff it hopes to make money from, whereas the world needs cheap, safe, sustainable solutions to pests and diseases of food plants which don’t need too much high tech. I do NOT offer specific advice on how to control pests and diseases (not least for legal reasons) apart from study the facts, obey local laws, and SEVEN TIMES follow the instructions with any pesticides you use, but as a service to fellow fruit growers I share the information from my litle English orchard for what its worth. Anyone got any useful pest control information or resources, feel free to share it. Pear
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I have found the ultimate summer time cool-you-off treat!

Mono Orange Juice Diet—Day 55 ♥

A short video taken on Day 55 of an Organic Orange Juice Mono Diet ♥. For daily details, please see: I believe that Mono Orange Juice Diets have the potential to help the body to house-clean, whilst also providing great energy and great nutrients. With any raw diet, only your own body knows what works best for it, so this may not be the most optimal mono diet for everyone. So when deciding on a mono diet, listening to your own body is , I feel, vital. For more information on fruitarian, fruit and mono diets, please see my main website: Thank you for watching ♥
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Late Summer 09 Dome Greenhouse Update

The bubble of life…one year ago this was a patch of dirt, and now it is a universe of little ecosystems. One person can do so much. Be a selfish person and grow the best possible food ever for you and and your family!! You deserve it! And the spiritual uplift that I get while working in the dome cannot be purchase…I truly feel amazing when Im sitting inside. Im so glad I got the dome greenhouse…changed my life! http In Part 1, I’m weighing the pros and cons of two juicers in this episode (Green Star and Breville). Part 2 shows a third juicer that has recently joined my family.
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Pan Seared Chicken w/Strawberry’s & Balsamic Glaze

Strawberry’s aren’t just for Breakfast and Dessert! They are great for dinner!! For more delicious dinner recipes, please visit:

A video that I created for my A-Level art exam project. Theme: ‘Transitions’ Song: Soldier’s Poem – Muse Exam Time: 12 hours Editing Software: Final Cut Studio Pro (Please click ‘watch in high quality’ [beneath 'Views'] to watch!) The video is projected in the final piece alongside a second video projection of five pieces of fruit rotting, which can be found under the following link: —– The exam piece, centred around the theme of ‘Transitions’, takes its inspiration from the short movie Evolution, produced by Ogilvy & Mather as part of the ‘Campaign For Beauty’ by cosmetics giant, Dove. Whilst the concept has been extracted, the style and motion of this video is vastly different from that of Dove’s. The project combines two entirely separate transitions: time-lapsed rotting fruit, and a stylized video of an ordinary woman being transformed into a beautiful model for a cosmetics company. These two seemingly bizarre transitions present a stark contrast of ‘synthetic’ transition against ‘organic’ transition, and highlight the differences between each. As the fruit both rots and then replenishes, the viewer is left with an ambiguous interpretation as to how this parallels the video. On the one hand, the time-reversed clip of the natural decayed mess blossoming into plush, unblemished fruit parallels the face in the video by becoming falsely beautified and idealized. The fruit itself is, indeed, artificially enhanced by supermarkets who attempt to give an

Joseph Israel in the mulberry tree-Live foods – a healthy life

Join Joseph Israel at neighbor Gunter’s Yard- in the Fruitful Anderson Valley California. Pure Joy Love Life !!Mulberries are an excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron. They are also a good source of dietary fiber, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grapes and red wine, has been heavily publicized for its positive health benefits. These benefits include lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, blood clots, diabetes and aiding in weight loss. Read more:

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