Removing Tomato Suckers

The side shoots that show up between the stem and a branch of a tomato plant is a sucker. Farmers usually leave the suckers on the plant where each sucker turns into another branch with blossoms, fruit and more suckers. In a home garden where you may choose to grow your tomatoes vertically, it is important to remove the suckers. A tomato plant that has its suckers removed will set less fruit but the fruit will be larger.
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Vegetable Garden – Fertilizing – Tilling – Planting

Applying fertilizer, tilling, making rows, planting and watering. Visit “The Bayou Gardener” in South Louisiana at
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our February garden

My diet – 5 day plan

Healthy is essentially the key to looking your best. – Meaning, good digestive system, You wont be sluggish. Here is the list of foods I normally eat within those days. Just to give you an idea. -Oatmeal with thawed frozen blueberries + honey -Ham Sandwhich – cucumbers, romane lettuce, whole grain toast -Activa yogurt w/ slices of fruit on the side -Avacado or banana sandwhich + organic peanut butter -Salad (lettuce, cucumbers, avacado, grapes, apples) + greek vinegaratte -Apple crisp (whole grain) with real dried fruit -Salmon + veg + non pan fried noodles -Natural Chicken rice soup -Cereal with Soymilk + omega 3. -Wholegrain blueberry muffin -Snack=fruit. mostly apples or oranges. -Vegetable chips with less sodium. (expensive) try making it yourself. -Chocolate protein shake + soymilk -Wholegrain snack bars : ) Im not an expert, remember to check out the facts, this is just what I do.. and i know it will inspire someone else, because I too have been motivated by other people.
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durianrider: darrick and i let durian loose on the dogs!

happieness is best shared, share the message of fruit and veg health with those you love. and remember, dogs like fruit too..
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Start your morning off with a fresh fruit smoothie that doesn’t take lots of effort or time!

SUN WARRIOR: Sun Warrior Berry Blast Smoothie P2

Join our Supercharged Holistic Social Network for the most cutting edge nutritional information from some of the top health experts on the planet! FREE videos, health secrets, and much more! Sun Warrior Super Antioxidant Berry Blast 1 whole coconut (meat & milk) or 1 whole orange peeled 2 scoops of SunWarrior Protein (vanilla or natural flavor) 1tbsp SunWarrior Activated Barley 4 or 5 Raw Brazil Nuts,1 or 2 tbsp Raw Walnuts, 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds 1 or 2 tbsp of pumpkin & sunflower seeds or 1 tbsp of Hemp oil, Flax oil, or Coconut oil 1 tbsp of Tocotrienols 1 tsp Camu Berry Powder 1 tsp Goji berry extract 1 tbsp of Carob Powder 1 tbsp of Bee Pollen All the following fruit has been frozen and placed into containers; organic frozen mixed berries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Frozen organic red grapes. Frozen sliced mango & papaya. 1 packet of frozen Acai. Blend at highest speed several times to make a creamy smoothie texture. Top off with a sprinkle of Organic Goji Berries and Cacao Nibs. Texture should be thick and eaten with a spoon. Enjoy! Buy SunWarrior Protein and key Superfoods from around the world at
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Furney’s Nursery How to Trim and Fertilize Roses

Furney’s Nursery is a garden center and nursery with quality plants, garden supplies and advice to help you make the most of your gardening experience. Furney’s Nursery grows their own trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs and seeds, edibles. Find plants and supplies for water gardening, fountains, ponds, and water features. For lawn care, we carry fertilizers, pest control, organic products, tools, soil, mulch, and bulk materials. We also have a beautiful gift shop.

weeder,Lawn Mower-root sparing/out,agriculture,garden,grass,fruit farm,organic 2,除草機,中耕機,割草機
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In Depth Guide to Home Composting (Part 2 of 3)

■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ Click link above to get your FREE 0 Dollar Home Depot Gift Card! You can use it to buy supplies! ;) ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ What Materials Can You Compost? Pretty much all your organic household and garden waste is an elligible candidate for composting although there are a few exceptions. Things to particularly avoid are meat, fish, bones, fats and oils, dairy products like milk and cheese, dog and cat droppings as these can attract animals, create foul smells as they degrade and carry nasty diseases. Also, whilst weeds and plants can be added, it is advised to dry out persisent weeds and remove seed heads before adding these. Ashes are also best avoided, as are glossy magazines although shredded paper and cardboard are fine to add. Feel free to add waste fruit and vegetables, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds (worms love them!) and tea bags, hair, leaves, grass clippings and other organic waste. As a general rule, if in doubt, leave it out but most organic waste will rot down just fine and if you shred it or cut it up smaller, it will compost faster. How Long Before It Becomes Compost? This depends on the balance of materials in your compost heap, the weather and the amount of time you can devote to the project. If you want to take an active managed approach to your composting then you can have afully composted
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Learn what kind of climate in which you should keep your bonsai tree, in this free video. Expert: Mike Hansen Bio: Mike Hansen, owner of Midwest Bonsai, has been growing, caring, selling, and instructing others in bonsai care for years. Mike is an expert bonsai master.
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Ed’s Garden

A quick video shot of my dads garden in his back yard. More videos will come later this is a first run. July 4, 2009

Blackbird Naturals + RawModel – Ladybugs in the Evening

After a few glasses of organic wine, we decided to head out to the fruit trees and spread some ladybugs. One grapefruit has been bothered by aphids, and the ladies have been called to the rescue. Always release your ladybugs in the evening! My package said to mist your plants with clean water before applying the ladybugs below the plants..makes sense.Freedom! We created Blackbird Naturals as a form of conscious commerce to fund our projects such as organic gardens and food forests – creating our Heaven on Earth – one lovely chocolate truffle at a time. This video shares aspects about Blackbird’s natural organic healthy foods, showing how we create healthy profits that go to support our gardens and food forests – enjoy! We love you! for more info visit our Web of Food Forests
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Awesome Dried Mango Recipe

Adam shows how to make dried mango. An amazing alternative snack, full of sweetness your taste buds desire without all the crap found in most commercial snacks.

Emily reviews 3 flavors of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balms. To learn more, visit this site: For updates on future videos FACEBOOK- BLOG- Disclaimer I purchased these products. I am not affiliated with this company and these are my honest opinions.
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