Spring 2010 – Beginnings of an Edible Garden

We’ve been in this new house for less than a week, and I just started my seedlings for this year’s garden. I’m going to try mostly heirloom varieties this year and see how that goes. :)
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garden surprise.wmv

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bartering system, it works!

trading fruit
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Richard’s Garden Center #2

www.rgcaz.com Formerly richardsgardencenter.com http Silly version of tv commercial for Richard’s Garden Center LLC. Tree Shrub Nursery Vine Groundcover Palms Citrus Fruit Cactus Golden Barrel Saguaro Tipu Ficus Sissoo Flowers Rock Boulder Weed Killer Fertilizer #1 Water saver Chiminea Stake Fire pit Pottery Low Water Desert Tropical Free Pingitore Greenspot Pills Financing Credit Cash Organic Worm Time Release Low Prices Christian
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www.GoodFitGuide.com — Raised bed gardening | Raised bed vegetable garden Bored of traditional gardeners’ methods that are outmoded, time-consuming, ecologically unsound and hopelessly impractical ? NOW, there is a simple & absolutely brilliant method. This method is based on ecology, and not horticulture. It means that Natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food. After all, Mother Nature has been doing it this way for millions of years. This gardening method is basically a natural habitat that is made up of edible plants, and you can create one more easily than you realize. As a matter of fact, it’s far easier than creating a traditional vegetable garden!. You won’t have to dig, and you won’t have to heave heavy loads. It will only take a few hours and many of the materials you require can be gathered for free. Once this amazing ecosystem is set up you will be able to harvest fresh organic food every single day. It will literally save you thousands of dollars per year. What You need is the most comprehensive guide to grow healthy, fresh organic food in the world’s most prolific way without all the problems. … And finally, a method of growing food that is reliable, easy to understand and also produces an abundance of food is available. The method will make you know how to: -Set up a garden that produces many times more than a traditional vegetable garden -Set up a garden that only requires 8 hours of light easy effort per year -Grow food
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VICE Magazine stages a Miracle Berry flavor tripping party

Excerpt from a Vice Magazine video on flavor tripping. For more information or to purchase organic miracle fruit go to www.fruitgenie.com
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The heat wave is causing the cherries and other fruit on farms in Greenbluff near Spokane to ripen quickly, but they are surviving the near record temperatures. KXLY 4′s Karina Shagren reports. Head to KXLY.com for more videos from around the Inland Northwest.

Sonya Dakar Skin Care – Organic Facial Scrubs

Buy Sonya Dakar Skin Care at DermStore.com Sonya Dakar Triple Action Organic Scrubs provide five formulas that calm, clarify and beautify problem skin. Sonya Dakar offers scrubs for acne, scarring and refining, discoloration, irritated or hypersensitive skin and skin maintenance. Organic linseed, green tea, zinc, lactic acid and mixed fruit acids provide a physical and chemical exfoliant that removes dull, dead skin cells. To use Sonya Dakar’s Triple Action Organic Scrub, work a dime size amount of product in palms. The heat and friction turns the dry powder into a soft paste. Gently massage the scrub on your wet face and neck for one minute. Finish by rinsing the product off thoroughly with cool water. For optimal results, use the scrub three times weekly, twice weekly for sensitive skin. Sonya Dakar’s Triple Action Organic Scrub double-action technology improves the skin’s health and leaves it feeling ultra-soft.

Vegetable Gardening : Raised Bed Gardening Tips

Raised beds are important for vegetable gardening in that the fluffiness of the soil will determine how big and strong a plant can grow. Use raised beds to provide a shelter against flooding with help from an organic farmer in this free video on gardening and horticulture. Expert: Jarrett Man Contact: stonesoupfarm.googlepages.com Bio: Jarrett Man created and runs Stone Soup Farm, an organic vegetable and fruit operation in Belchertown, Mass. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn
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www.FoodnSport.com Dr.Doug Graham speaks on September 28th, 2008 in New York City. What do you get with The 80 Diet? -peak performance for any athlete -perfect weight no matter what your body type – off-the-charts wellness -success with a low-fat vegan diet -simplicity in your lifestyle -a healthy relationship with your food -and enviable vitality For more information visit: http:///www.FoodnSport.com
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Organic Cherries for Breakfast ..

Cherries. The New Antioxidant “Super Fruit” The Cherry Research Committee is seeking proposals for new cherry research studies. Submit your proposal and learn more at CherryResearch.com. Cherries are not only good for you, but they’re also on trend as a homegrown “Super Fruit.” According to recent data, more than 9 out of 10 Americans want to know where their food comes from, nearly 80 percent say they’re purchasing “locally produced” products, and the majority is defining “local” as grown in America.1,2 And cherries deliver. A growing body of science reveals tart cherries, enjoyed as either dried, frozen cherries or cherry juice, have among the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants, when compared to other fruits. They also contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene (19 times more than blueberries or strawberries) vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate. Emerging evidence links cherries to many important health benefits — from helping to ease the pain of arthritis and gout, to reducing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Cherries also contain melatonin, which has been found to help regulate the body’s natural sleep patterns, aid with jet lag, prevent memory loss and delay the aging process.

7/11/2008Growing Wisdom:Pruning Tomatoes Pruning tomatoes is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to increase fruit size and help lessen the chances of disease. First, let’s talk about which tomatoes to prune. Indeterminate (climbing) tomatoes should be staked, trellised, or caged, and pruned for best results. Determinate (bush) tomatoes do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support. Now what is the difference? The fruit of determinate tomatoes ripens within a concentrated time period. The fruit of indeterminate tomato varieties ripens over an extended period, and will continue to grow until they are affected by the first hard frost. For example, you may have purchased a container tomato plant for your patio. Typically, the tomatoes commercially available in containers are determinate and do not need pruning. However, you still should give it some support. On the other hand, the cherry tomato plant in your garden is most likely an indeterminate plant – if you don’t keep it in check, it might take over! The basic method of pruning is to remove the suckers from the leaf axils of the tomato plant. Click here to see a video on how to prune tomatoes. The sucker is the growth that comes up between the main leader of the plant and the side branches. There are a couple of schools of thought on removing suckers. Some people remove all the suckers. Some leave the first sucker after the first set of flowers. This gives you two leaders. I do the

Larry & Linda’s Backyard Food Forest Video Tour

Linda and Larry Saltzman, Founders of the Santa Barbara Organic Garden Club, share with us a Food Forest right in their suburban backyard. Produced by Jill Cloutier, Carol Hirashima & Logan Nevitt.

If you’re looking for an organic fertilizer, here’s the one I’ve used in my garden with great success. See more gardening tips at www.thegardenyears.blogspot.com

CIPR Guest Lecture – Sarah McCartney ‘Inside Out’

VT2379 CIPR Guest Lecture – Sarah McCartney LUSH’s Head of Brand Publications. The fourth lecture in the CIPR guest lecture series was led by writing guru, Sarah McCartney. Aside from writing the LUSH Times, which is read by over one million people, Sarah has also pursued her own interests, launching her Yogateds company with her mother, as well as writing a book called The Fake Factor, which focuses on her speciality – branding Sarah centred her lecture around her work with LUSH, placing emphasis upon how all of LUSH’s PR is in-house and comes from the heart. It was evident that all LUSH employees are extremely dedicated and committed to the company and that they are all involved with the communications, offering ideas for campaigns on a regular basis. The company is unique in the fact that they don’t spend excessive time planning their campaigns rigorously – Sarah explained that they could brainstorm an idea one week and have finished it by the next. LUSH is a company that places huge importance upon ethical and sustainable practise. Using almost no packaging and insisting upon being green, LUSH have a strong set of values, which are reflected in part of their mission statement. We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, Sarah explained. She also stressed that LUSH’s key values are consistent and don’t just change with the fashions. An innovative company, who are always ahead of the
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Alexis shows you the produce she bought at the local farmer’s market. Alexis’ daily food log: www.fitday.com
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