Giant tomato caterpillar eats organic tomatos

Rydal Community Vegetable Garden is a small, voluntary scheme set up in the original walled garden of Rydal Hall, in the English Lake District. The garden had been disused and overgrown for many years. In 2005 work began to clear it, landscape it, and return the garden to productivity. The idea has been to create a working vegetable garden, which is maintained by volunteers, who in return benefit from sharing ideas and harvesting seasonal, local, organic produce. This has created an additional feature amongst Rydal Hall’s own, recently restored gardens, which can be visited by all as a place to see, learn and relax. The Vegetable Garden has a small Visitors Centre, accessible paths and information signs. It is organised into roughly defined areas. These include a large, traditional Greenhouse and a Poly-tunnel, which are used to establish younger plants and also house warmth loving species including Vines, Figs and Tomatoes. There is an Orchard with many lesser-known varieties of tree, which is also where the Chickens and Bee Hives are found. There is a Sensory Garden at the top end of the hill, which is planted with Herbs and has seating and views across the whole garden and out to the hills beyond. And the rest of the garden is a terraced mixture of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers, including Strawberries, Pears, Beans, Courgettes, Potatoes, Lettuce and many, many more. These films are a monthly journey through both the progress made and the changes seen in the garden, the
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  1. Blackoutx4500x says:

    No it doesn’t sting you, tomato hornworms are completely harmless to humans.

  2. dickson180 says:

    ive seen these before and i noticed it had a stinger of some sort on ther ass does anyone no if it can sting u

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