Cell-nique Super Green Drink

Donna Ratner, Integrative Nutritionist and Wholistic Health Counselor Explains the Benefits of Super Green Drink Organic Cell-nique
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A woman is in the shower, and in the next room an elderly couple lie in bed reading. Narrator: “With Herbal Essences Shampoo You’ve Always Been Guaranteed One Totally Organic Experience” Woman In Shower: “Ooh Ooooh Yes!!” Narrator: “Now, With Our Creamy Protein Enriched Conditioner,…

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  1. kemetian09 says:

    A guy was giving out samples today at Whole Foods. I tried several flavors. Citrus Vanilla is my favorite. I will go online now and order a batch. I love how it makes me feel! I just drank a bottle and am feeling fantastic.

  2. Wardfolio says:

    This stuff works! I had energy like no other, and murdered the toilet twice a day! LOL!!!

  3. shandymonte says:

    I LOVE this stufff… buying it by the case! Citrus-vanilla is the best!

  4. cruthybabie says:

    i love these drinks! they have them at some whole foods markets…

  5. eyehatemyjob says:

    Good stuff… very healthy…Citrus Vanilla is my fave.

  6. GimmeShelter3 says:

    This is the wave of the present future and I am very excited about it! Cell-nique is dynamite because it tastes incredible & really does have many health benefits..WIN-WIN

  7. mullah32 says:

    i love cellnique. i can live on their drinks. if only we can push the colas and sugar sweetened juices out of restaurants, clubs and theaters and replace with cellnique, acai and yerba mate, we might see some improvement in our world.

  8. adarba66 says:

    i just drank one, my brother got it from somewhere. it was pretty good. you can actually feel the fibers from all the ingredients as you drink it. the taste IS really good. what was kinda of unusual was the 332% of vitamin E and 405% of vitamin C. not even energy drinks have that much. its only 81 calories, also.

  9. BlackBillionaire says:

    Sounds like an amazing product, where can I buy this drink. Such beautiful bottles! I love the idea of being able to reduce sugar and caffeine cravings. Everybody should be drinking this!

  10. Aleks18Metin says:

    Omg I love this commercial xD.. soo funny xdd

  11. rickster414 says:

    Dr. Bronners peppermint soap will clean your hair, and body, effectively, cheaply and leave enough natural oil to keep it healthy. Plus it will often get rid of dandruff!

  12. Shipsahoy21 says:

    But Suave is so much cheaper ^_^ ‘ …

  13. amber12345678999 says:

    it is absolutely terrible for your hair!!! it strips all the natural oils from your hair (even the needed oils) so this causes your scalp to overproduce needed oil for your hair, this over time will cause you to have oilier hair than usual. herbal essence, garnea fructis, pantene pro-v, and Suave are the 4 worst shampoos to use in your hair!
    instead use one that is pH balanced such as Loreal paris, Aussie, John Frieda, Neutrogena, Bedhead, Redken, BiolageMatrix, and Tresseme’.

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