climate benefits of changing diet – 80% of climate change can be halted by adopting a veggie lifestyle
Video Rating: 5 / 5 – Vegan French Toast Sticks with Delightful Berries (In English), Episode 698, Air date: 12 – August – 2008 INGREDIENTS: Vegan French Toast Sticks: * ½ cup organic non-dairy milk * 1 tablespoon organic whole-wheat flour * 1 tablespoon organic sugar * 2 tablespoons organic non-GMO cornstarch * ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract * 1 teaspoon cinnamon * ½ teaspoon nutmeg * ¼ teaspoon salt * 4 slices organic whole grain bread * Pure maple syrup for dipping and organic powdered sugar for sprinkling Delightful Berries: * 6 ounces blueberries * 6 ounces raspberries * 6 ounces blackberries * 6 ounces strawberries
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. suprememastertvlover says:

    fully agree to this

  2. Orbot says:

    Nowadays, I virtually never eat meat. Ur body feels better and stroger and lighter when u reduce or expel meat from ur diet. Many health problems really are more spawned from meat products. Not saying that fruits and veggies etc. get a super clean bill either, but u stand a better chance of greater health than u will with too much meat. In the end, it’s all about balance!

  3. openbuddhistforum says:

    I entirely support vegetarianism, since I am vegetarian for 25 years and more. Thank you, Shifu Ching Hai, for your diligent work in spreading the truth how to stop climate change.
    Lama Tara Tulku Drimed Drolkhar Rinpoche
    June 29,2009

  4. likeyourshow says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I tried it today and they really came out good. Please post more vegan recipe.

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