Continuous Harvest – Picking Vegetables Everyday of the Year

Continuous Harvest – Picking Vegetables Everyday of the Year

Book, CD, Charts, Plant Spacing Card
The complete system
with dozens of full color pictures and illustrations

This book was written with you in mind. As a gardener who finds growing vegetables a lot of work or someone who has always wanted to garden but who has not been able to for one reason or another, this book will present a system that will address whatever reasons have limited your involvement in gardening up until now. The Continuous Harvest System of gardening is a revolutionary NEW wa

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  1. Jesse D. Jordan says:

    Review by Jesse D. Jordan for Continuous Harvest – Picking Vegetables Everyday of the Year
    One thing that caught my curiosity about this book was a picture of 50 strawberry plants growing in a 4′x4′ bed. I couldn’t see how that was possible. But It’s true. Quite a number of other vegetables can be grown in much smaller areas than I thought possible too if the soil is made rich enough to support the plants. This is a book that has to be read to be believed. Using well researched information, this book outlines in very easy steps every aspect of a system to grow all a families vegetable needs on very little ground. It’s all here and now I am doing it too.

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