Coolaroo Square Shade Sail 11 Feet 10 Inches with Hardware Kit, Brunswick Green

Coolaroo Square Shade Sail 11 Feet 10 Inches with Hardware Kit, Brunswick Green

  • Unique Coolaroo knitted fabric
  • Easy to clean with soap and a garden hose
  • Resists mold and mildew
  • Up to 90% UV block
  • Kit contains 3 stainless steel pad eyes, 2 stainless steel turnbuckles and 1 stainless steel snap hook

Coolaroo square shade sails have many different uses from cooling the backyard patio to shading the kids play area to keeping the horses, dogs, goats and other four legged friends cool and out of the sun. The unique Coolaroo fabric provides up to 90% UB block and the woven fabric allows air flow that reduces the underneath temperature up to one third. The combo pack comes with the following attachment accessories: 4 pad eyes, 2 turnbuckles and 2 snap hooks. Assembled size is 11 feet 10 inches sq

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List Price: $ 176.86

Price: $ 117.64

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  1. Midwest Mommy says:

    Review by Midwest Mommy for Coolaroo Square Shade Sail 11 Feet 10 Inches with Hardware Kit, Brunswick Green
    We installed this square Coolaroo over our 10X10 patio, and it has worked perfectly. It provides shade and blocks UV so the kids can play outside even when the sun is the hottest. This has been a much better option than using any sort of umbrella because it provides a larger area of shade, is more durable, and won’t tip over or blow away in the wind. The Coolaroo transformed our patio into an outdoor “room” with a “ceiling” that we use everyday. We did make one mistake when installing it though. We attached two Coolaroo corners to the roof on our house, and used a post-hole digger to dig two 3 foot holes into the ground for posts for the other two corners. The Coolaroo website recommends filling the holes with gravel for dry soil, or concrete for wet soil to support the posts. We normally have very dry soil, so we used gravel. Then we had an unusually rainy and windy spring season, and now our posts are leaning slightly. I would recommend using concrete to install the posts in ALL soil types if you want permanent stability.

    The HARDWARE IS INCLUDED with the Coolaroo even though it is not listed in the description. We purchased 2 extra carabiner clips from the hardware store so we could have carabiners on every corner (box includes 2 carabiners and 2 hook and screw type clips, etc).

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