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  1. Rob187ok says:

    They keep telling us that the world is well over populated but I can’t see all those billions stamping over each other in this video. Maybe it’s the camera angle or something. Those calling for population control should get out in the outback for a while.

  2. sadia102 says:

    Congratulations on the book deal and the up and coming seed sales. It is good to get out and refocus: hope you ended up catching something for dinner. Bummer about the job: takes the oomph out of things. Looking forward to seeing the birthday bash and good luck with meeting the bills.

  3. samowski728 says:

    Beautiful place belonging to you, you got that right. Be happy. I do enjoy the show, keep up the good work youl and never lose a fan.

  4. jihadacadien says:

    Hope you got a fish!

  5. veronique2 says:

    How necessary is it to kill another sentient being when we can live very well on a plant based diet?

  6. ShushLorraine says:

    You’re not going to forget about us little people when you’re rich and famous with that book deal, are you??? :-) Congratulations on that!

  7. BradAu73 says:

    youre a cool guy. money sucks :)
    good luck with the book

  8. DanOManno says:

    Happy birthday and I hope to get a copy of your book when it comes out.

  9. geriatricguru says:

    Enjoyed the vid. The best things are simple, and maybe some will come to realize this.

  10. azzlomaz says:

    ahhah good to see you chucking a line in, i love fishing around your area, it’s unbelievably relaxing. I head down to Lake Eppalock, Malmsbury and the other reservoirs around that area.

  11. TheChalkychalk says:

    just a tip mate you can put out several lines just before sunset when the fish are more active just stake them to the ground, then come back a few hours later and check them all. It also helps to bait up the area with feed in the spot you fish so you attract the fish to that spot you want to catch in. Keep your chin up mate.

  12. Praxxus55712 says:

    That is a beautiful countryside! Very nice place to fish. :)

  13. 1fanger says:

    Your country looks like NE Pennsylvania, where I`m at.

  14. missalgernon says:

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your videos. I watched nearly all your old ones when I was in hospital a few months ago and loved them. You really seem to have your priorities right. Congratulations on the book, will keep an eye out for it (I’m a Melbourne girl) and happy birthday! Bonfire parties are the best! Amanda.

  15. bonzaibb12 says:

    How is the cost of living in your area. I’ve been an expat 8 years and thinking about trying out the countryside area of Australia. I would rent a room to start but not sure what the costs would be like there. Thanks

  16. venuebien says:

    Work is a painful subject to talk about nowadays…Congratulations for your book project. Wish you the very best :)

  17. heidaro says:

    Best of luck finding another job.

  18. justmy10cents says:

    nice spot to relax enjoy

  19. Nuwerra says:

    very good news about the book, great place so peaceful…..

  20. cruddiestcrudever says:

    Sad and frustrating isn’t it when you try to do the right thing by yourself and others, and things just go bad :( Happens all the time…

  21. anthacdc says:

    Bon fire partys are mad, always do them in winter.

  22. bpereztab says:

    Super excited for you!! Will keep an eye out for it. Good job!

  23. StevoJN says:

    Great vid mate! Let us know when your books out :)

  24. Noz7777 says:

    nice blog. sorry to hear about work stuff, its the nature of work really. Cheers

  25. robofthevalleys says:

    I know the feeling with regards to work. Congratulations on the book deal though, great news.

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