Dr. Scott’s Famous Live Superfood Chocolate Milk (Vegan)

Blend your way to heaven and health!!! Dr. Scott shares his secret Chocolate Milk recipe using live organic vegan ingredients and the best superfoods ever from Elements for Life! To get many of these products at a discount and/or to join Dr.Scott, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and many other rawfood authorities on their mission of spreading superfoods, go to www.noblelifeelements.com/scottsim Raw Chocolate Milk 1 Tai coconut use the water and scrape out the meat (Whole Foods sell these. Also some Asian markets). They are the white ones with a point on top. 16 oz of almond milk. You can make your own with raw almonds and water or just open a container. You can also just add a tsp of raw almond butter and add water. 2-3 scoops Elements for Life organic raw cocao nibs 1 scoop Elements for Life organic raw chocolate powder 1 scoop flax/hemp seeds 1 scoop Elements for Life organic maca powder handful of Elements for Life raw goji berries 2-3 fresh MEDJOOL dates or Tbs agave nectar instead of the dates Optional try out different superfoods on different days 2 oz Elements for Life Colloidal gold 10-15 drops of Elements for Life Marine Phytoplankton 1 Tbs Elements for Life Revitaphi 2 oz Elements for Life Island Fire 1 Tbs Elements for Life blue green algae 1 tsp Elements for Life cordyceps Optional: 1 scoop Raw hemp protein powder 1 scoop organic raw carob powder Optional… fruit experiment with the taste Handful blueberries (can use frozen) Handful of frozen cherries 1 frozen
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  1. hyperm0d says:

    I believe nibs come from´╗┐ beans that have already been roasted. They are not, therefore, “raw”.

  2. 3niDougla says:

    Very good point. Hopefully people read and understand this. ESPECIALLY the last part, that’s the best part of it all. I tell everyone this when they ask me questions about being ‘healthier’.

  3. nickrx7 says:

    Best thing is this video was the



    I would have slapped him if I was her!

  4. Prism24 says:



  5. vegandragon says:

    Thats wayyyyyyyy too much shit

  6. huhnjill says:

    Looks delicious!

  7. iban411 says:

    great video .

  8. neraknerak1 says:

    too bloody complicated and expensive. just get some soy milk and chocolate powder. or drink water. or blend banana and berries, also delicious.

  9. Chris459 says:

    You can make this for about $5.00 a blenderful, if you only use one Elements of Life ingredient each time. Each blenderful makes about 5 servings, and is easily a nutritious meal replacement. So, the cost is not bad at all, if you don’t go hog wild with all the Elements for Life extras each time.

  10. joopq says:

    what is he using that is acidic? is acidification really a word? lol. but seriously what ?

  11. Mongodelight says:

    GREAT POINT!!! I agree!!! To get the stuff in your body i recommend yoga and walking. I also higly recommend to make a flexible and strong body with yoga so you can do sports like running and muscle training with so much less risk of injury.

  12. havemercybabe says:

    It seems to me like these raw foodists/ super foodists etc place a shit load of faith in nutrition but fail to remember the basic fact that regular exercise is the absolute key to health. You can overload your body full of all the super nutrients you want, but in the end your body only takes what it needs and when you sit around all day thinking about how to jam more hyperdense nutrient rich foods into your blender, most of those morning shakes will end up in the toilet as excrement.

  13. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:


  14. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:


  15. TWI08 says:

    that liquid you poured into the blender is not coconut milk it is coconut water. the milk is pressed from the flesh.

  16. SubieQ55 says:

    I think you must have misread his profile.
    He is not 35 years old. He has been in practice
    for 28 years!!

  17. SubieQ55 says:

    He said at least twice that you don’t use all these ingredients at the same time every time. Mix and match ~ make a different combo each time. You can make it as simple as you want.
    This is just a demo of all the possibilities.

  18. vikaleeanessa says:

    This is too bloody complicated

  19. 8791nahtanoj says:

    Get a clue Doc. Read pH Miracle by Dr. Robert Young. You’re killing yourself through acidification.

  20. Kikisagent says:

    Uh there’s no way he’s 36 years old. If so he better go on the reverse aging breatharian diet.

  21. Kikisagent says:

    This is obscene. One – its recklessly expensive and even if it was cheaper – its the mental equivalent of a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. Why do you have to have every imaginable ingredient at once? It’s gluttony. I think it would be more dignified and equally healthy to have 1/4 of those ingredients and have a different shake every day. But he sells the stuff so of course he’s going to go HOG wild. Creepy.

  22. aluxbalum says:

    in a morning shake makes any sense, hence leading to these products being available only to a select few (those who can afford them) and leading to a market bandwagon, where companies buy cheap, low quality, un fair priced Maca, Cacao and sell it for a much cheaper price but with few benefits if any. Plant to Plate is where is at, these product need to and must be available to most people with out having to think about eating super foods and their bank account balance.

  23. aluxbalum says:

    With out a doubt, I see and know first hand that we weight cost vs health. Every day we get information on how important is to include Organic Certified products in to our diets, how the nutrients in the soils are less and less and we need to eat more and more veggies and fruits to obtain our requirements. Now here comes Organic Super foods, great. But they get so expensive we all understand the great benefits it brings to us all, but we fail to understand how spending 10-15 dollars

  24. lilbreeezy says:

    God damn!! It says on his profile Dr. Scott is 35 years old! I hope that’s a mistake, if he’s 35 that doesn’t say much for his advice. I’d rather take advice from someone who doesn’t look 20 years older than they are.

  25. acongagua says:

    I guess I wrote to soon..lol
    at the end he said he forgot the GOJI berries….lol
    One other thing I did, I taped rare earth magnets to my vita mix, for the ormus energy

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