durianrider: darrick and i let durian loose on the dogs!

happieness is best shared, share the message of fruit and veg health with those you love. and remember, dogs like fruit too..
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Start your morning off with a fresh fruit smoothie that doesn’t take lots of effort or time!

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  1. ramayomama says:

    “Eat real, eat raw, nuffin’ else past ya jaw.”

  2. joshy899 says:

    what time of the year is durian season in malaysia?

  3. LuckyIrishGirl08 says:

    lol does he sound like he is from Canada? he is from Australia

  4. EcoEater says:

    dude was that a CAnadian 5 dollar bill…r u from canada?

  5. fruitgrrl says:

    are you guys for real?

    are your dogs vegan?

    please make more dog videos

    perhaps during the day
    i really would love to see them

  6. organicfilms81 says:

    lol, your money in youy wallet looked like a 5$ canadian.

  7. durianriders says:

    we like to feed the animals amazing fruit too..

    we enjoy watching animals eat fruit. instead of eating animals instead of fruit..lol!

    eat the fig!
    leave the fig
    eat the leaf
    not the beef
    save the fish
    eat a 1000calorie fruit dish!

  8. owningownage says:

    It looks better when I am eating it!

  9. crystalAura says:

    oh my goodness that durian looks so good!

  10. toyoyta34 says:

    looks good

  11. makezmuzic says:

    Excellent! I use frozen organic fruit & rice milk, Throw in some high potency vitamin C power & liquid chlorophyll & flax oil & am good to go. Some times I even throw in a few raw cashews. Yuuuuummmmm.

  12. fabulousladydoc says:

    Hey! Do you do this every morning?

  13. BNV83 says:

    looks yummy!!!

  14. atiyah9369 says:

    Thank for this recipe I need to hit the grocery store while they have fresh blueberries and raspberries on sale.

  15. onlyonesimone says:

    It looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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