Earthbox Garden update 06-13-2010

The start of the growing season has been a little rough, but most of the vegetables and herbs are doing pretty good and I hope I will have a lot of great food come harvest time. I have been working with new organic fertilizers this year so we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll update again when there is some fruit to show off. Till next time Charles
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  1. buddymac28 says:

    This will by my 4th season growing tomatoes in earthboxes, so they are plenty big enough to grow tomatoes. There are farms that grow their tomatoes in nothing but earthboxes.

  2. HackerGuitarist says:

    a good size tomato plant requires atleast a 20 gallon pot.

  3. buddymac28 says:

    Good to hear on you garden! I’m in Colorado and that black stuff you see is a weed barrier covering my garden plot so that weeds and grass don’t take over that area.

  4. Ruddyfan says:

    Great video, I started my own earth box garden this year and today I notice flowers on the tomatoes and nothing on the green pepper yet.

    What state do you live in? What is the black cover on the ground out side the fence? I would like to copy the idea…

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