Economic Collapse Late Blight Affecting Potato And Tomato Crops

With an unusually cool and wet summer the fungus late blight is hitting early. For the first time plants sold in garden centers are contaminated and spreading the disease in home gardens. Late blight shows up as black spots on the leaves also a white mold. As it spreads the stocks turn black and die. The fungus also causes the fruit to rot. What is Late Blight? Potato famine disease striking home gardens in US Blight has tomato growers on alert Late blight reaches Ohio, threatens potatoes, tomatoes Late Blight Prediction in Maine (PDF fact sheet about late blight) Organic Alternatives for Late Blight Control in Potatoes Organic Management of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato with Copper Products The OMRI Products List Database Pest Management
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  1. marthale7 says:

    I have had it here in Florida, what I have done on my tomatoes is cut every last branch off that has it, then I upped the nitrogen Like Praxxus does. I would hate to be a Farmer with a huge field and have to deal with this. I always wondered about blight mentioned in the bible, and wonder what we are doing wrong. One of the organic methods I have read is to use milk and baking soda.

  2. lissalanae24 says:

    This is the first year i have bought tomatoe seedling and this year i have BLIGHT bad my tomatos are really in a sorry state and if you wait till you have blight to treat it its already too late! My peppers remain unaffected but tomatoes are 100% loss right now and Copper is a heavy metal so you cant eat the treated fruit! Im in Oklahoma and our weather has also been cooler and wetter then usual. also the humidity has been between 60-95% for weeks so now blight has made a home.

  3. fatturdburger says:

    Yer we get blight every year over here in uk I dont use fungiside tho.
    & all the infected plant matter goes in the compost bin were as my neibour burns the infected plant matter but every year he gets blight befor I do,
    so that leads me to think it’s ok to put blight infected plants in the compost bin.

  4. wileycoyoteengineer says:

    Hi guy
    you remind me of me when I was 26 or so.
    Contact your county extension office . We have fought these battles long before you. I suggest benomyl or some similar broad spectrum fungicide. But see what they say as I should have said those were back in the Reagan days or a life time ago.

  5. poonafink says:

    My garden!!! =[
    All of my tomatoes were beautiful and are now less than that. It’s a really big issue!!!

    It’s NOT a fungus though
    its like a fungus but im notsure what it’s called it does spread by spores but it’s different. Although a fungicide can slow it down its everywhere.

    It’s also mutating and becoming resilient to many fungicide.

  6. KARStarla says:

    Where can I find these virus free potato stock?

  7. KARStarla says:

    Do you have more information on this that I can look up about this?

  8. tsiemens1 says:

    So now instead of tossing our cookies, we have to toss our spuds?

  9. Michigansnowpony says:

    Of course I’m watching silly rabbit — You’re one of my favorites!! : ) I have not heard of any blight until this video and all my nightshade family plants look fine. . . so far. Yikes. Maybe it will stop at Ohio and not come any further north.
    Geez Louise, what next, eh?

  10. Lynchian74 says:

    Subscriber from Ireland. The Irish Famine was a act of population controlled genocide orchrastrated by the same people who are planning the imminent depopulation program.

  11. charitonfarmer says:

    i’m glad you mention it, i noticed a small case of blight in my sweetcorn last night, there’s not much i can do for it now the ears are already developing and are in the milk now. you mentioned about tomatoes rotting, which could be a sign of blossom rot, which means that there is a magnisum definciy in the soil. a table spoon of epsom salt around each plants root ball will take of that. i have seen blight do alot of damage to crop’s. excellent video my friends

  12. BLynchCAN says:

    Blight, no way, peppers. East side America. The Famine killed half of us.
    Apply every week! Jeasus, not now.
    I saw it last year on my neighbours but is was very small. Potatoes were still good.
    Small white spots. Nothing to do about cost. It’s a blight. Total loss. Heat burns it, or high alkaline, sometimes acidic. Total loss of crops for two years. Jeese… no

  13. 5Sissy says:

    What is ultrapedia?

  14. jshel37 says:

    So glad I found this video…
    don’t have a large garden but tomatoes are turning yellow, I am in TN.
    Will keep you posted…some seem in better shape but one is real yellowed leafs.

  15. 5Sissy says:

    crops in my garden here in central Illinois are clear so far. potatoes, tomatoes, peppers…will call out if there is any change. Wind is generally to the northeast from here. Sissy

  16. chena3 says:

    has virus free
    seed potato stock..

    take care peoples ..

  17. HomesteadAcres says:

    your very welcome and thank you for shareing your current garden condition it has been found in ohio if you have time cheak some of the links my wife put up and you may want to lookinto fungiside well there is some (possible shortage)

  18. BLBMZ says:

    Im in Ohio, our potatoes (so far) are ok, the tomatoes (leaves and stems) on the other hand has started to turn yellow with brown spots on them from the bottom up. I cut off all the stems at the bottom of the plants in hopes to slow it down. Dont know if its going to work or not but so far so good. We have had an over abundance of rain and cooler than usual temps, I really was afraid for awhile that our potatoes was either going to rot in the ground or freeze…lol. Thanks for the video.

  19. ClanRooster says:

    I am a digital librarian (among other thiings) and I have recently seen archives and eye-witness reports from 1846-47 famine in the ultrapedia library where I work.

    try entering ‘irish potato famine’ into the search box from the ultrapedia link in my profile (advanced search-exact phrase is even better)

    My family emigrated from Maynooth in Ireland because of the famine. I implore you to check these eye-witness reports and records before this goes mainstream.

  20. glassman1313 says:

    Is this what the white stuff is on my cucumbers..

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