EOS lip balm

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  1. OinkOink919 says:

    i am not a big fan of the smell of honeysuckle hondew but i love the summerfruit and sweet mint. the new lemon one i dont like because it is not as thick and the product does not last as long.
    BTW: it is prounonced (E-OH’S)

  2. vmnnn says:

    @missfluffbunny its honeysuckle honeydew

  3. missfluffbunny says:

    isnt that the lemon not honeysuckle?

  4. TheBrIaNnE321 says:

    how much are the singles because the wesite doesnt say. i got a pack of 3 for $10.96

  5. alittleaboutalot says:

    I am doing an EOS lip sphere giveaway!

  6. theannahilator says:

    I want the sweet mint one. but none of my close drugstores have any of these. its frustrating.

  7. ricebunny4812 says:

    do they work good? they look so cute

  8. tenaynayy says:

    god those are so adorable!!

  9. CaliSan11 says:

    love these!

  10. vmnnn says:

    @nia5123 :D

  11. redhead1390 says:

    I think the Summer Fruit one smells like Trolli Peach-O Rings. It’s a type of candy.

  12. vmnnn says:

    @KarCar523 Yeah I just found out a few days ago. My dog ate my sisters summer fruit…

  13. KarCar523 says:

    its just the half its not a full circle like it doesnt go down into the container

  14. sherrbebb says:

    @adalia21 kind of smells like fuzzy peach candies

  15. OrangeMocha144253 says:

    ya i was upset with the summer fruit. :”(

  16. vmnnn says:

    @OrangeMocha144253 I find that summer fruit kind of smells a lil like plastic

  17. OrangeMocha144253 says:

    i luv the honeysuckle honeydew it roxs i really dont like the summer fruit soo much. :”(

  18. MissyPixify0007 says:

    they have four flavours: sweet mint, summer fruit, honeydew honeysuckle, and lemon drop.

    HAHAAA manpurse LOL and i loveeee your voice

  19. vmnnn says:

    @Missyriss1234 Fruit!

  20. Missyriss1234 says:

    fruit or mint?? which should I pick??? I’m getting one when I go out tomorrow
    I’ll just get whichever one they have it they only have one of the 2

  21. mNmily34 says:

    if you have a man purse…. it’s nice to just throw in there.

  22. PETZPC1 says:

    I got this at Walgreens when I was looking for Bonne Bell:/ Couldn’t find it but I found this!! The chick at the counter said it was great! I didn’t see the red one but I got Honey Suckle Honeydew….

  23. JELLYSOFLY says:

    @jvhchanel yeah my walgreens is more expensive too!

  24. adalia21 says:

    what does the summer fruit smells like?

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