Evolution of Smooth Review (Lip Balm and Shave Cream)

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) www.evolutionofsmooth.com Smooth Sphere lip balm: .29 each Organic Lip balm that’s 95% organic, 100% natural Honeysuckle Honeydew Summer Fruit Sweet Mint Smooth Stick lip balm: .29 each Organic Lip balm that’s 95% organic, 100% natural Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Raspberry Sweet Mint Shave Cream: .49 each Pomegranate Raspberry Vanilla Bliss Lavender Jasmine Cucumber Melon Island Blue Sensitive – Fragrance Free FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or being paid/sponsored by this company. I did get a sample of the shave cream because I bought the lip balms. This is my honest opinion.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @LeneSnare Oh no! that doesn’t sound good at all! I’m sorry :/
    I’m glad you shared this with me!

  2. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @cutie2160 ya! i totally agree lol

  3. LeneSnare says:

    Also did the balm. Just cute, not very good long term.

  4. LeneSnare says:

    The shaving cream is crap… I have incredibly sensitive skin on my legs and within moments of taking that first stroke, my legs were on fire…. I broke out into rashy-welts that burned for minutes. Very uncomfortable… If it really is just some cheep lotion, that would explain it, for something similar that works really well, the skintimint cream shave is awesome. No problems, no hurt, but nice smooth legs, which is a nice treat for me.

  5. cutie2160 says:

    @Katinthehat4883 ya honeysuckle is kind of like….. a sweeter and less bitter version of ginger. sort of. :)

  6. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @cutie2160 cool! thank you :)

  7. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @whimsical1992 aww thank you so much!!

  8. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @lillybirchall that’s so great that you got them! I’m so happy you like them!!

  9. cutie2160 says:

    It smells so sweet… Well, duh! Honeysuckle is really sweet!! Oh and it smells like something you would eat because you do eat honeysuckle and honeydue….

  10. whimsical1992 says:

    love your brows!!

  11. lillybirchall says:

    i just got the other 2 flavours too, i spoke to u bout 4 weeks ago sayin i wnted them and im so glad i did i love the mint u can feel it really cooling on ur lips too so thats nice if there sore

  12. LolAznChick says:

    @Katinthehat4883 Your Welcome(:

  13. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @LolAznChick I know! aren’t they adorable?? thanks for watching!!

  14. LolAznChick says:

    My Step Sista Went To The Store And She Bought Honeysuckle Honeydew And It Kinda Smells Like Deoderant. Lol. I Hecka Want One Though Because, They’re So Cute.

  15. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @enticinbabydollx cool :) thank you!

  16. enticinbabydollx says:

    @Katinthehat4883 Oh okay, also the sweet mint is pastel green because mint is green. The honeysuckle honeydew is yellow green because honeysuckle is yellow and honeydew is green. Lol.

  17. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @enticinbabydollx oh I just meant that I don’t like to put the smooth spheres in my pocket. I haven’t tried the smooth stick yet. Thanks for watching!

  18. enticinbabydollx says:

    You don’t like to put them in your pocket? That’s why they made smooth sticks. The price is really reasonable considering the fact that they actually work.

  19. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @Honeybunch250025 haha that’s true :) thank you so much

  20. Honeybunch250025 says:

    I hate tinted lip balms a lot of people do people get lip balms to moisturize their lips not freaking to have color. If you want color that is what lip glosses and lipsticks are for.

  21. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @gertrudeskkk thanks!

  22. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @bqe718 thank you so much!! :)

  23. bqe718 says:

    i like the fact that you dont thin your eyebrows out to the point of oblivion! cute!

  24. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @dreads2003 thank you so much!

  25. Katinthehat4883 says:

    @starlitmoon1212 I know, right? they are awesome

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