Facts Related To Organic Foods

Facts Related To Organic Foods

There are lots of facts which people really do not know about the organic foods. These are facts which people may not try to understand also. Let us have an overview of the various facts of producing and using organic foods.

Do you know how many pesticides are used in a conventionally produce non organic fruit? A fruit which is produced in a non organic fashion contains pesticides over twenty types. Surprised? But this is the truth.

Do you feel that the level of nutrients in conventional food is more than the organic food? If so, please change your view because it is wrong. The fact is organic foods are the richer sources of fibres, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, the nutrients levels are retained for a longer period of time by the organic foods.

Never be under the wrong belief that conventional foods help you in building the body resistance. But it is the other way round. Conventional foods can lead to the accumulation of fats in our body, which will prove to be harmful at a later stage of our life. But if we opt for using organic food, then the body will develop a higher level of resistance towards various diseases by providing various vital nutrients.

Another fact is that by using organic foods one can have higher levels of energy as the level of chemicals and toxins present in our body will be very low.

Know that using farm and dairy products daily means that the hormones, drugs and chemicals that are administered to the animals are also consumed by us.

Do not worry about quality of organic food as they are produced under strict and stringent regulations.

The farms where organic foods are grown are not contaminated as no chemicals are used.

Finally, you can indulge yourself in eating organic foods because they taste better!!!!!!!

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