Fish Fertiliser and Seaweed Fertiliser: The All Natural Organic Fertiliser

Fish Fertiliser and Seaweed Fertiliser: The All Natural Organic Fertiliser

If you have a huge backyard that is just perfect for a nice organic garden, why don’t you try organic veg and fruit growing? Nowadays, being practical can go a long way and can help you save enough money for your other important needs. Growing fruits and vegetables in your own backyard is one very practical way of obtaining food without having to spend so much money on grocery shopping. You just have to invest in a natural organic fertiliser – such as fish fertiliser and seaweed fertiliser - which is essential to the plants’ growth.

Other than being a practical source of food, having your own organic veg and fruits garden can also provide you with the opportunity to bond with your family, especially if your children are still young. Planting seeds of fruit-bearing plants can be a fun family activity that can accommodate every member of the family regardless of age. This can also be a great learning tool for the young ones as you can explain to them how plants grow while you’re actually digging the soil and planting seeds. They will surely be fascinated by the science behind growing fruits and veggies and how they end up on our dinner plates.

Maybe you are wondering about the cost of starting and maintaining an organic veg and fruits garden. Do not worry. Since what you’re planning to set up is an organic garden, you do not have to spend so much on expensive artificial fertilizers – buy types of natural organic fertiliser instead.Among the most common kinds of organic soil vitamins are fish fertiliser and seaweed fertiliser, which are proven effective in helping plants grow faster while keeping the all-organic characteristic of fruits and vegetables. You should also invest in durable tools that will make your work easier, like a strong shovel, a rake, a trowel and a watering can so you can have a smooth gardening experience.

You may choose to plant any kind of vegetable and fruit in your organic garden as long as there is enough space for them to grow. However, it is prudent to ask your kids what their favorite fruits and veggies are so that you will know which ones to plant first. Of course, feel free to plant fruits and veggies that you prefer; after all, it is your backyard.

The fun in organic veg and fruit growing is in the harvesting of the goods. You may opt to do this activity with your children and the rest of the family as well. Then you can cook and enjoy a sumptuous meal made from the organic veggies that you grew. If you have too much to harvest, you may share the excess with your other relatives or neighbors so that nothing will go to waste. In the long run, if you consistently harvest a large amount of fruits and vegetables from your organic garden, you can sell your produce and earn extra cash. Of course, this can be achieved faster if you religiously use an all natural organic fertiliser.

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