Frozen Vegetables Vs Fresh

Frozen Vegetables Vs Fresh

A question that is often asked is that whether Frozen or Fresh vegetables are a better choice when it comes to clean living. The natural seemingly common sense answer is that fresh vegetables are obviously better than the frozen variety, but this may not be the truth when examining the facts.

To start off it is first important to assess the nature of the term fresh vegetables. To most people this means items that they have purchased at their nearest supermarket or grocery store. What most people don’t realize however is that these aren’t really that fresh at all and have in fact spent a considerable amount of time in transit as well as time on the supermarket shelf as well.

What this means is that by the time you bring these vegetables home they have already lost a good deal of the vitamins that they once had. In reality true fresh vegetables would be those that you plant in your own garden or buy direct from a farmer. If you prepare these on the same day that you buy them then you would receive the maximum nutritional value.

Frozen vegetables on the other hand can actually be significantly better in terms of nutrition because they have been frozen at the point when they possess the most nutrients. They are preserved in this state until you are ready to cook them. One other additional benefit is the fact the freezing process can sometimes break the outer cellulose lay making the nutrients easier to absorb by the body.

However there are some caveats when it comes to frozen vegetables in that they must be carefully prepared in order to preserve the precious nutrients contained within. Over boiling is one of the most common mistakes that can take place which is a rule that applies when dealing with vegetables in general. One other factor is that when choosing frozen vegetables take care to ensure that the ingredients lists only the vegetable itself.

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