Fruit Tree TV: Jefferson High Community Planting | Episode # 5

In this episode of Fruit Tree TV, Common Vision volunteers take to the streets to assist the students in meeting their neighbors and planting trees in their neighborhood . Common Vision works with South LA, Thomas Jefferson High School students in the Green Design Academy in a unique community outreach tree planting project. Fruit Tree TV gives the inside scoop on Common Vision’s Fruit Tree Tour. In the last 6 years, the Fruit Tree Tour Program has directly impacted 45000 students, transformed over 150 low income schools and community centers into abundant orchards with the planting of over 3500 fruit trees.

We are using vibration harvester, which shakes the boughs, dislodging the olive fruit in seconds ans without damage to the trees or olives. It definitively creates some vibration in the trunk but seems not to affect the heath of the olive tree. We have studied the effects of this harvester and we concluded no major damage caused to the tree on the weeks and months after the harvest.
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  1. joberosa says:

    Não há dúvida que a marca SAFISAL e RODRISAN são marcos de maquinaria agricola portuguesa

  2. joberosa says:

    Esta é uma máquina fabricada numa modesta oficina da minha terra natal que é Alcanhões.
    O inventor-fabricante tem dedicado a vida inteira a tentar construir máquinas para substituir a mão de obra, que vai escasseando por todo o País. Este homem além das máquinas de apanhar azeitona, que são vários modelos, também fabrica as descavadeiras, ultimamente hidráulicas, e diversas alfaias agrícolas, que são espectaculares.

  3. Antidote54 says:

    “It is He(Allah) Who sends down water from the sky. From it you drink and from it come the shrubs among which you graze your herds. And by it He makes crops grow for you and olives and dates and grapes and fruit of every kind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect”
    (Qur’an, 16:10-11)

  4. Yitan124 says:

    es a mi o va casi en la llanta

  5. Oscarswine says:

    Creio que tem 90 cavalos.

  6. makyhabel says:

    Quantos cavalos tem o tractor?

  7. oliveoil1231 says:

    I love this machine !

  8. jotaxi1369 says:

    Leia-se: Substituíram…

  9. jotaxi1369 says:

    É, as máquinas substuíram os homens mesmo…

    Também, ninguém mais quer pegar no pesado…

    José, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil…

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