Garden Landscaping

Garden Landscaping

The garden in country-style perfectly approaches to small plots. Fruit plantings, a kitchen garden and indiscriminateness in leaving — there is the basic lines of this style. In such garden usually there are some apple-trees, cherries, plums, plodovo-berry bushes — a black, red currant, a gooseberry, etc. There is the place for a kitchen garden , and with addition of colours and the form of landings it not only is practical, but also is decorative. In a garden-country always it is a lot of colours. The considerable quantity of colours and their density create sensation of deliberate “neglect” of a garden, there is an impression that the garden are many ears old, make organic garden.

In flower compositions use perennial plants in a combination with annual. It is admissible

to apply forms of the plants meeting in local flora. From ornamental shrubs preference give to the blossoming. A lilac, a jasmin, a guelder-rose — a traditional ornament of such garden. It is better to use plants with not so large simple or semiterry flowers.

The small sizes of a garden-plot demand application of some receptions of the garden landscaping allowing visually to increase space. So, alternation small densely set with bushes and trees about an arbour and a solar open lawn with bright flower beds makes impression of open space. Turns of paths also visually expand a garden.

The vacation spot near the house in the form of a terrace twined grapes, is convenient for reception of visitors. In a terrace you can see a front garden — the main ornament of all composition. An arbour in the distant corner under crones of apple-trees — a place for a solitude and a quiet rest. Small beds of the triangular form are rather practical.

At selection of plants in garden lanscaping the main thing — to be guided by rules of science about colour. Are most pleasant for perception of a combination of the paints which are in a spectrum «through two», for example dark blue with the yellow. As it is necessary to give preference to plants with various and most long terms of flowering. The background or the bed centre occupy the highest plants with gradual fall of height to edge.

It is desirable to do paths smoothly bent. In a garden-country for a covering of paths use natural materials: granite elimination, a natural stone, wood. The concrete covering can be recovered addition of ceramic crocks. The terrace is possible to decorate with capacities with blossoming plants. For this purpose will approach not only ceramic pots, but also old buckets, flanks. By the way, the more the non-standard details then made you hands will be in your garden-country, the better, in other cases they can look is inappropriate, alien, but only not in the present state of affairs. Also do not forget then all details in garden landcsaping should be harmoniously connected among themselves. This is help you to do you garden organic.

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