Garden Valley Jerusalem Artichokes

I have had a trying time with Jerusalem artichokes, since buying a pack in the Bargain Cabinet at a supermarket in Uckfield on March 31st 2009, Display Until 31 MAR Best Before 2 APR, grown in the fair County of Lincolnshire. I followed all the instructions on the pack, kept the little knobbly beauties refrigerated, washed them before use but decided to Stir Fry them after peeling, whereas the instructions on the pack suggested Roasting them at 180C/350F for 60 minutes or Microwaving them after peeling and cutting into pieces. Ironically, now I look back, I cooked my portion on April1st, although it was well past midday, when practical jokes cease to be allowed. As a Food Technologist of some standing in The Shires, having worked for British Home Stores for 4 years, J.Sainsbury for 8 years, Northern Foods for 10 years and then Technical Consultancy Work, until I retired with a few brain cells still functioning, around 5 years ago. My area of expertise was in the Meat, Dairy, Cooked Meats, Bacon and Pie area, not the lowly Produce Section where technologists generally of lower IQ landed! (LOL) I have been a keen gardener for over fifty years and started when growing Fruit and Veg without pesticides and artificial fertiliser, was called “Having an Allotment” not the Subsequent Poncey description, now all in vogue, ORGANIC. It transpires that we did have a bed of Jerusalem artichokes on our allotment, but we grew them for the pretty yellow Sunflowers, not to dig up and eat
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Part 1 of 2 videos. Phil Jones of Jones Farm ( ) talks about going a step beyond organic farming.
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  1. TTLM77 says:

    haha clever use of the hymn

  2. jihadacadien says:

    nice flower growing through the grass!

  3. vostatom says:

    I had a breakfast together with your video and music. It was more tasty then usually.

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