Gardening Organic: The Connection Between Organic Gardening And Your Health

Gardening Organic: The Connection Between Organic Gardening And Your Health

Gardening organic is an ever-increasingly popular trend – and for good reason. Through gardening organic, you help improve your health as well as the health of the environment in general.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the reduction of chemical exposure. In the process of normal farming, a number of pesticides are sprayed on plants in order to kill bugs that may destroy the crop. These pesticides, however, are not good for humans or for the environment. Eating foods that have been sprayed with these chemicals means you are ingesting these chemicals as well. In addition, the chemicals gets into the air and pollutes it. Similarly, it runs into the water and causes water pollution as well.

The same holds true with artificial fertilizers. While these fertilizers may help yield large crops, they are not healthy for humans to ingest. By gardening organic, you avoid using these unhealthy chemicals and find ways to help the plants grown healthy and strong while remaining bug free.

An area of organic gardening that many people overlook is the lack of hybridization. Genetic engineers have discovered methods for manipulating plants in ways to grow larger crops and to create plants that are more resistant to bad weather, to disease, and to pests. But, in order to accomplish this, they have altered the DNA of plants.

The potential long term effects of this form of hybridization is still unknown. One concern is that humans may have allergies to these altered plants or may otherwise become ill for them. And, if these plants are allowed to cross-pollinate with non-hybridized plants, we may ultimately be left with nothing but genetically altered plants – with no way of returning to the ones that nature provided. For this reason, many countries do not allow genetically altered plants to be shipped to their land.

Gardening organic is the only way to be sure you are growing fruits and vegetables in the way nature intended them to be grown. As such, your body is better able to digest the foods and you are less likely to become ill from the foods you consume. In addition, you can ensure you receive the full nutritional benefits from the foods.

By adding chemicals to crops, some of the nutrients are destroyed. Furthermore, the soil is depleted of nutrients for future crops, which further reduces the nutritional value of the crops that are to be grown. Therefore, by choosing organic gardening, you receive the fullest nutritional benefit from the foods you grow and consume.

While it’s a lot a more time consuming method of farming, the results are far superior to other forms of gardening when it comes to your health. Therefore, it is in your best interest to choose organic if growing your own crops and to support the farmers who choose this method by purchasing foods from the supermarket that have been organically grown.

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