– Unlimited organic aquaponic food for life from an old backyard swimming pool. – Learn how we converted an old swimming pool in to a way to feed our family. We use organic aquaponics to grow unlimited tilapia, chicken eggs, fruit, veggies, & herbs. We had planned to be food self-sufficient by 2012 but we made it by mid-2010. If we can do this then anyone can.

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  1. Angelista says:

    Wow… this is quite possibly one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on turning something so wasteful into quite the opposite!

  2. antonlee43 says:

    sharing this, this is a wonderful idea, even though I love my pool. . . feeding myself might make me think twice. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. TheGardenPool says:

    @cigarsmke Thanks! We are in the process of designing a BSF system. We are going to integrate it with our chicken coop update. Anything the chickens don’t eat the tilapia will.

  4. cigarsmke says:

    I just love your idea of turning your swimming pool into an aquaponic green house. I have been thinking about doing aquaponic for a few months. Um just one suggestion that may help you if you have not already done so. Check out BSF (black soldier fly) they are just sex organs on wings and very hygenic fly larvae to feed your fish and chickens. I truly envy you! Again GREAT job!!

  5. TheGardenPool says:

    @cyrusp100 Thanks! I don’t think it would be wise to spend the energy to rip the concrete out. The pool would collapse and destroy what we worked so hard to make. We live in the Sonorana Desert in Arizona so food forests are kind of out of the question. This high production method feeds us everyday and we wouldn’t change it. We use around 75% less water than conventional farming.

  6. cyrusp100 says:

    Brilliant! Shame about all that concrete surrounding it – why not rip it out and turn the area into a food forest?

  7. TheGardenPool says:

    @ddnguyen278 We agree. It would be nice if we could do this to some of the 10,000 unused pools from foreclosed homes in the Phoenix area where we live or other areas in the world. I’m sure that can easily feed the estimated 3,000 homeless folks in Phoenix and then some.

  8. ddnguyen278 says:

    Free food for a lifetime? What’s not to love? People spend about 30% of their income on food a year, imagine what you can do with that?

  9. TheGardenPool says:

    @ravis303 Thanks Rob! We appreciate it and we hope to get the idea out there. We appreciate your help.

  10. ravis303 says:

    Probably the coolest video I have ever seen! Keep up the good work!


  11. TheGardenPool says:

    @yinghonghaohan319 Glad you like it! We want to spread the word.

  12. yinghonghaohan319 says:

    good idea! thanks for sharing!

  13. TheGardenPool says:

    @cheezracer Luckily the entire family is on board with this. It is a family project.

  14. cheezracer says:

    Cool setup. I wanted to do the same with our pool but haven’t been able to convince the wife yet.

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