Genetically Modified GM POISON FOOD Elect RON PAUL

become familiar with the most common applications of genetic modification. These are the products (and their derivatives) that are most likely to be genetically modified: Soybeans – Gene taken from bacteria (Agrobacterium sp. strain CP4) and inserted into soybeans to make them more resistant to herbicides.[1] See How to Live With a Soy Allergy for more information on avoiding soy products. Corn – There are two main varieties of GE corn. One has a Gene from the lepidoptera pathogen microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis inserted to produce the Bt toxin, which poisons insect pests.[2] There are also several events which are resistant to various herbicide. Present in high fructose corn syrup and glucose/fructose which is prevalent in a wide variety of foods in America. Rapeseed/Canola – Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to herbicide. Sugar beets – Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. Rice – Genetically modified to resist herbicides; not currently available for human consumption, but trace amounts of one GM long-grained variety (LLRICE601) may have entered the food supply in the USA and Europe.[3]More recently, golden rice, a different strain of rice has been engineered to produce significantly higher levels of beta carotene, which the body uses to produce vitamin A. Golden rice is still undergoing testing to determine if it is safe for human consumption.[4] Cotton – engineered to produce Bt toxin. The seeds are

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  1. pg19192002 says:

    Number of adverse events due to Genetically Modified/Engineered “Frankenfood” is exactly 0 [zero]. Show me evidence otherwise.

  2. NubiianVz says:

    Say YES to labeling GMO food products!! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE EATING! Period.

  3. abhinavgupta05 says:

    GM Food is injurious to health, environment, people and our future generations. Spread the knowledge about this by adding more friends and sharing knowledge with them. He who controls the food controls the entire world. This is a new method for world supremacy. It is better because it does not involve guns and war. Join this group on Facebook and spread the awareness. The group’s name is SAY NO TO GM FOO

  4. RandyBful1 says:

    Just a comment on “Whole Foods”, if it is the same, owned by “Capers” here in Canada. I asked them how they can label a food “organic”, when it contains GMO canola; since 100% of Canadian canola is GMO? Of course, they have no answer and most likely, don’t understand WTH I’m talking about, as 99% of the population don’t even know what GMOs are!

  5. normington2009 says:

    i really enjoyed that movie, can anyone recommend more along the same line?
    I have a web site where you can watch and download all of Alex Jone’s movies for free. As well as global warming videos and some poison in your food movies.
    come and have a look: “timetowakeup . tk”

  6. ELFmindCONTROL says:

    Great info. I am aware of the nuances in labelling. It’s really tough to stay healthy nowadays. Chemtrails are sprayed over organic crops, so nothing is really organic.

  7. ZurichBabe says:

    Very interesting…and scary….but so true

  8. yourboycal says:

    “I truly don’t want to read another comment from an idiot like you. ”

    Okay good sir , have an awesome day ! dont forget to pick up your manhood/pride at the door ;)

  9. yourboycal says:

    “ignorant. Yep, your last comment said it all, you’re ignorant.”
    Whatever helps you sleep at night , hey attack my intelligence to make your self feel more intelligent ? sure :p

  10. yourboycal says:

    “think that all these “Certified Organic” foods are really organic? ”

    Another one of your assumptions , of course not . Labels are nothing more then that . Some choose to look into what the labels mean some choose to take it face value , guess what i choose :p

    “Do you know the FDA place the certification on these food and are the same ”

    Yes i do , i have a few other videos in my page that deals with this please check it out when you have some free time:D

  11. yourboycal says:

    “You may have already consumed some GMO and not even know it.”
    You watch to many movies ;) , i already know i’ve consumed many gmo’s and i know it lool , im not denying this . you just like to twist words to make me a bad person , but i made your comments clear and my responses so it will be cleared up .I know its out there , but i can still reduce my consumption of it can i not? surly a reduced consumption would be greater benifit then full saturation to it? :D or is that being fradulant also?

  12. yourboycal says:

    For you to care about canadas prime minister i say

    Whatever floats your boat , nobody has a gun to your head , you may do as you please , and i will do as i please . Democracy is more then just 50% +1 you know ;)

  13. ThePandems says:

    ………ignorant. Yep, your last comment said it all, you’re ignorant. Well, this will be the final comment and good luck being ignorant. I’m done spending my time chatting to ignorant such as you. I can expect a comment from you and if you don’t care to comment, it’ll be even better because I truly don’t want to read another comment from an idiot like you.

  14. yourboycal says:

    “why do you care about electing Ron Paul if you’re from Canada or live in Canada?”
    Good question , Its because the united states plays a big role on the international level . Many great nations follow the united states just on puppet politics basis. Ron paul as president would set a great example , for the rest of the world to follow , being president of a super power like the united states , will ineed be a great step towards a better world , This is why i care =)

  15. ThePandems says:

    How do you plan on to get the word out to force these greedy companies out of business? Do you not see it’s impossible? Keep living your life fighting for what other could give two shits about, you’ll only waste your time.

  16. yourboycal says:

    “Frauds like you don’t help but rather hurt the movement with unrealistic approach and viewing challenges ”
    Yup and people like you who always in the backround crying no it wont work , no it wont work have always been there , Your just a pesky fly , you can still sleep with it buzzing around , but killing is just mean , let it fly around and buzz so it can feel relavient ;)

  17. ThePandems says:

    “Wholefoods” sells GMO foods too, they just don’t tell you that though.

  18. yourboycal says:

    Read your first comment , and tell me how you would take it . secondly i cant read your mind , you cant come out negative then change your mind after and say hey was just curious, just because you dont mean it to negative does not make it that way with your words coming out , You dont have challenges , your just looking for a reason to trash the whole idea , without even looking into it ;)

  19. ThePandems says:

    You may have already consumed some GMO and not even know it. Do you honestly think that all these “Certified Organic” foods are really organic? Do you know the FDA place the certification on these food and are the same organization that can omit poisons in the ingredients label but not in the food itself? Who can you trust in this day in age? Go beyond the internet for your research like you never had before because you sound more like those who watch endless youtube videos on conspiracies.

  20. ThePandems says:

    Frauds like you don’t help but rather hurt the movement with unrealistic approach and viewing challenges as a negative while not daring to question what is really going on. You think you know it all but you have no clue. I myself don’t even know all and I have more to learn. To say that you do know it all shows pure ignorance. Your comment can help me detriment your mindset and it’s set as…….

  21. ThePandems says:

    You take it as negative but my comment are just question. If you take my questions negatively, then you must change the way you view things. Do you approach any challenges negatively? From how you view my question shows that you do. Also, why do you care about electing Ron Paul if you’re from Canada or live in Canada? It’s like me caring to elect for a new prime minister for Canada while in the US. I think you’re a fraud.

  22. yourboycal says:

    One of the main things you missed is this video is designed to help educate people more , so they can have something to talk to with there friends family etc to get more informed public , that will hopefully bring up theese issues when we “elect” our leaders or if there “selected” is adiff story , we can bring up theese issues and hopefully find a better solutionsthe GM FOODS , your negativity just fuels my fire:D

  23. yourboycal says:

    This is the beauty of the hydroponic systems , you can control temperature , sunlight , water , nutriants ,air circulation to make it any season you want when you wish , Any more negative no no no this no no no that from you? :D

  24. yourboycal says:

    “You know you have to go over to the grocery to buy some fruits and vegetables. ”

    Once and a while you have no choice which is fine , but least the majoirty of your diet can be of your own fruits and veggiest , do you really care about solutions? or you just on a bashing vendetta :p

  25. yourboycal says:

    “The amount of fruit and vegetables one can consume in a course of the year is more than what one can grow in their 800 sq ft apartment.”
    1)Inside your aprtment 2) on top of your roof for maximum sunshine 3) green house on your back yard 4) many places in the house that are not being used 5) your garage =)

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