Get an organic garden for your green home

Get an organic garden for your green home

An organic garden brings a vibrant and colourful touch to any eco home. But instead of just the run of the mill vegie patch out the back, having a garden professionally conceived by a landscape architect can add a unique aspect that highlights your own green passion.

“Landscape architecture is a combination of science and art,” says landscape architect Steve Batley from Sydney Organic Gardens. To Batley, the process of designing a sustainable garden for an eco home involves a world of creativity while employing good practical design that works with nature.

A well designed garden is a living ecosystem that encourages animals and people to interact with nature. Children love connecting with the earth and gardening is a great way to teach them to cherish the environment.

Here are some handy tips to consider for your own organic garden:

Eco Home Tip #12 – Save water – Use water wise plants that are native to the area. Water tanks are also great water saving devices.

Eco Home Tip # 13 – Organic smorgasbord – Mix in your vegies with native plants. Including edibles with native plants is “good for pest management,” says Batley.

Eco Home Tip #14 – Passive solar for the greens – consider passive solar principles in your garden. Make the most of sunnier areas for plants, while shady spots are great for benches and relaxing.

Eco Home Tip #15 – Farmer knows best – Farmers periodically rotate their crops to maximise the use of the soil. You can do the same in your vegie patch, try rotating your vegies through different parts of the garden to make the most of the nutrients in the soil.

With the right planning and care, your garden can be the perfect organic haven for both you and native wildlife. Find more great organic gardening tips in the Green Pages <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>green</a> directory.

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