Grasshoppers in Your Garden?

Grasshoppers in Your Garden?

Summer is when Grasshoppers can have a population explosion, decimating the yield in your garden with their constant eating. Fortunately there are several easy and natural ways to keep them away from your plants.

In this article I’ll be talking about organic methods of Grasshopper control that will also be beneficial to anyone growing a traditional garden.

Grasshoppers In Your Garden

1. Attract Insect-Eating Birds.

Bug eating birds can eat an unbelievable amount of grasshoppers in a day. And they’re simple to attract by just giving them someplace to perch.

Use trellises, posts and other upright structures to give birds a perch, this will help them feed more efficiently. Birds in the garden will be especially effective in early summer when they need to gather high protein food for their young.

2. Use a floating row cover.

Floating row covers are a light cloth that lets enough light through for plants to grow and creates a physical barrier insects can’t get through. Use some stakes or hoops to keep the row cover from touching the leaves, if it does touch the leaves insects might chew through the fabric to get to the plants.

A floating row cover is also useful in the early spring, it can protect your delicate plants from a light frost.

I have just given you two ways to control grasshoppers in your garden without having to use any kind of chemicals. These two methods are also inexpensive and have multiple uses. Both traditional and organic gardeners can put these methods to use.

Using methods to control grasshoppers is great if you have a good garden. But if you don’t enjoy all the digging, weeding and other kinds of work that come along with traditional gardening, there is a different method that requires far less work.


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Brandon Wilkinson

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