Grocery Store Wars

This educational and outrageously funny Star Wars parody on organic produce – The Organic Rebellion has “conventional” agriculture on the run in this intergalactic parody set “not long ago in a supermarket not so far away”…
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  1. TheCohens says:

    it is really funny thanks for making this.

  2. Charlielps says:

    omg awsome!!! :) XD :D

  3. ninjaJoker234 says:

    funny :) lol

  4. blazeken12 says:

    Empirial Cart Destroyers
    Whats next Taste Windu

  5. weighty959 says:

    LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chewbroccili

  6. FA22raptero says:

    This is really good. it gets the point across and is worthwhile. thanks for posting!

  7. AntiD2Two says:

    My brokther and i watched this when we were little

  8. AtlasTitanX says:

    Very well done :P

  9. illyounotme says:

    everyone has different a sense of humor, sorry you did not find it funny. Many people do though. Maybe your life experiences haven’t been in areas that would make you see this for how funny it is. Good luck finding humor else where.

  10. TNT484 says:

    this video was so lame.a kid in my class said it was funny but it isnt.i cant beleve i wasted 5:51 minuts of my life watching that.

  11. illyounotme says:

    you mean the creator of this video who is cited in the side bar?

  12. aacs4 says:

    HEY you copied that other person

  13. LegoSWstudio says:

    LOL chewbroccoli

  14. gunhawkx57 says:

    lol that was worth watching

  15. Galacticboy7 says:

    lol, very nice

  16. MatBellan says:


  17. russianteam says:

    lol pretty clever

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