Grocery Store Wars

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away….. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Rate the film, favorite the film, comment the film and subscribe to this channel.
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Howdy! Here’s how I made a nice, productive garden in my backyard in southern California. I show how I built the bed using compost, organic soil, hay, gypsum, and bloodmeal and how I grew tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and red peppers.
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  1. commander8051 says:

    Cool… I love it.. some one looks out side the box.. LOL

  2. oraman2 says:

    LOL use the farm cuke search in your peelings

  3. UnEmoAngel says:

    lol “thats not a moon! Thats a melon!”

  4. dredfell says:

    loool brilliant :D

  5. rachellesproul says:

    dark tatoe, yogurt, obiwan canoli…
    e p i c hahaha


    LOL this is hilarious i really have to do something like this. Vid’s inspirational. ROFL at the opening!!!

  7. makir1000 says:

    D-D-D-D-D-DARK POTATO??? and chewbrocolli!

  8. makir1000 says:

    dark patato!!!

  9. brenthud2170 says:

    Ham Solo!!!!!
    This video is SO funny!!!

  10. Chalou94 says:

    not yoda but yoghurt soooo funny or chewbroccolli the farm lol darth potato

  11. BraydeeLynn says:

    Tofu D2!!!!!
    awesome! lol

  12. DogDeeman says:

    That’s good, very good.

  13. AmericanMan44 says:


  14. meshellzzz1 says:

    nice :-) if you use star pickets (im in Australia thats what those metal posts with the three edges are called here) into the ground and then place heavy duty black pipe (the think still bendy type)over the top of the picket on one side and then the otherside for a few pairs to make a little tunnel then you can attach shade cloth to the top. hope that helps :-)

  15. Quittersss says:

    That was an awesome video! your style really suits me… assumes at lease some knowledge of how things work to cover more in the same amount of time, and communicate with ‘thoasands of words” by using fanstastic pictures :)

  16. MrHorsetail says:

    Great video. That looks like you’ve made a very rich soil there. You’ll probably reap the benefit of that soil for a long time.

  17. quarkball says:

    right on, thanks for the tip!

  18. HBKitmitto says:

    looks good! Last year for my shades, I took some pvc pipe and made arches with it all along my beds. Then I draped my shade cloth over the arches and secured them using zip ties. It worked great and looked nice too. Almost like a hoop house. Oh yeah I pounded some stakes into the ground to support the pvc pipe.

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