Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables – Veggie Patch After 2 Mons

See how my Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables patch is getting on with a tour and tips on growing your own organic vegetables, this volume includes the herb pots, strawberries, corn etc.

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  1. ANDYKILLER83 says:

    the jalapeno’s will go red if you leave them more taste. good video

  2. eredy says:

    Epsom salt and bagged lime will bring your strawberries to life

  3. bcfc545 says:

    lovely video and tour of your garden,
    I did have strawberries in hanging baskets my tip and to stop the birds, I put a small windmill toy(type you can get on a beach for sandcastles) into the pot to keep birds off the fruit they can decorative aswell as a fun for the children to look at .

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