Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Ever wanted to grow your own vegetable garden, you can its easier then you think. Imagen being able to walk out your back door and pick your vegetables for dinner. Being able to be sustainable and not have to depend on commercial supermarkets.  And imagen what a world it would be if your children could go out to the garden and pull a carrot from the garden if they where hungry.

You can grow  a great garden without to much space and  hard work. Plan the area and measurements where you want to plant your garden. You can use sleepers to  or simply dig plots in the garden.make raised square beds. Aim for an area that is free of other large trees, that will take the nutrients form your  vegetable garden. An area that will provide plenty of  sun.

Like any DIY  project preparation is the key to a great finish. You need to prepare the soil before planting anything.  Digging and turning it over as many times as you can and remove any weeds by or other waste material.  Avoid using any chemicals such as weed killers and other pest killers as they effect the quality of your soil. Take 4 soil samples to your garden centre to test the for pH levels. Your garden centre  will advise whether you will need add addidtives such as garden lime to get your soil to the ideal pH level of 6.5, wait at least four weeks before you plant anything. Decide if you want to plant seeds or more established plants.

Plant your vegetables north to south to allow for sun exposure and limiting the amount of shade. Consider other vegetables that your planting, as they may block light from smaller plantings.

Allow 50cm between planted or sown rows. Always follow the instructiuons on the packet as and climate. Raising mix will help your seeds to a good start and should definitely be used.
Ensure you use organic fertilisers such as animal manure or compost to provide plenty of nutrients for your vegetable garden. Make sure you give your garden enough water, as vegetables are made up of mostly water, kepp everything well hydrated, maintaining the soil moisture but ensuring do not water log your garden in the process.

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