Growing Organic Plants

Growing Organic Plants

As people become more and more aware of the damage they are all doing to the planet, they want to do something to help. Growing Organic plants and vegetables will not only help the environment but also will be healthier and kinder to your body. Wildlife can fully flourish if there are no chemicals and pesticides being used in the growing process. You do not need a great deal of knowledge and expertise to grow organic plants; you just need a lot of enthusiasm. To grow organic fruit and vegetables is cheap, and it will save you money on your household shopping each week.

Organic fruit and vegetables are often not as cheap as chemically produced foods; this is often because they are grown on smaller farms to enable them to be totally organic. People do not want to spend more for their organic produce, and this is the main factor why many people have chosen to grow their own organic plants. Organic plants can be grown anywhere in your back yard, either in raised beds or directly in a patch in the ground. They are cheaper and healthier than chemically produced plants, and if you use your own organic fertilizer on your fruit and vegetables, then you will save even more money.  By using organic fertilizers you are putting all the nutrients back into the soil, kitchen scraps, manure and dying household plants all can be used, and when you harvest your vegetables you will see the difference in size and taste. You might want to consider building a compost heap, so you will have a regular supply of organic fertilizer. Also having a water butt to collect the rain water, to use on your garden will cut down the cost of your water bill.

Organic plants are very beneficial to your health; it has been proven that there are several benefits to eating organic food products. Growing your own organic plants is a personal commitment and one that will make you feel better inside and out. The physical benefits of eating natural organic food is based on the nutrient levels in the food. The levels of these nutrients are higher in organic natural food, and there are no toxins in this type of fruit and vegetables. Worryingly there are very high levels of toxins, in most food products that we consume. Over 350 pesticides are permitted to be used for growing fruit and vegetables. Lithium which helps with depression, Calcium for strong bones and teeth and Chromium which helps reduce diabetes are all found in higher levels in the organic natural food.

Doctors are now realizing the health benefits of organic foods, rather than prescribing extra vitamins and nutrients for their patients they are advising them to eat organic fruit and vegetables. Alongside an already healthy diet and exercise programme, eating organic foods and drinking plenty of water can really benefit a person. The money that you might spend in doctors’ bills and medicines would be better spent on organic food products. If you grow them at home instead of buying them from organic food market then you will save a great deal of money in the long run.

Stop giving health food stores and supermarkets your hard earned money for natural organic food and learn how to grow your own organic plants with The Best Organic Gardening Book !

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