Herbal Essences Fruit fusions commercial

A Totally Orgasmic, er, Organic Experience.

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  1. aqualily625 says:

    i remember seeing this commercial on tv when i was little, and asking my mom why the lady was making weird sounds. xD

  2. TheRings7 says:

    I remember i was always all WTF with those comercials lol.

  3. SanitaryTechnician says:

    this is crap,,,,,u gots ta check out the herbal essences ad. with julia louis dreyfus…… its CLASSIC!!

  4. BIAchkalove says:

    she kind of used TOO MUCH shampoo haha

  5. JamieHV says:

    Just hahahahaha lmfao

  6. wtfilymor says:

    why do they hav the women make orgasm sounds?

  7. Killthesefears says:

    Spiderman Commercial!!! :00

  8. ScHnitzLLlicious92 says:

    great my mom knocked on my door and told me to turn down the porno.


  9. Emzzz777 says:

    dear god, how much SHAMPOO does she use?

  10. itachi0pein says:

    That is just wrong.
    but lol xD

  11. rinanina101 says:

    Best Commercial EVAR!

  12. zerkerpure0 says:

    no no no…

  13. koolperson99 says:

    A totally organic experience…..more like a totally ORGASMIC experience! ROFL!

  14. watermelonguzzer says:

    i remember this. the fragrances smelled sooo..good.

  15. Ramonerdna says:

    dumb guy the solution is simple all he has to do is lube up with that shampoo and shed be putty in his hands

  16. prettyyoungthing90 says:


  17. mygirlfriendrules says:

    i wonder what “the way she never thought possible” was

  18. mygirlfriendrules says:


  19. FireyHamHam says:

    I remember seeing this when I was a little kid. xD Sadly I grasped what was being insinuated back then, but was really crept out xD Kinda sucks that it was banned, makes sense though lol

  20. Jamal249999 says:

    I Love It!!!!!!

  21. N0RDEO says:

    My herbal essences is like a fruit fusion, it gives girls orgasms.

  22. HUTINAK says:

    I was 7 when I saw this thinking “why is she yelling that”

  23. kuriyan17 says:

    Who has an orgasm from using shampoo lol

  24. abca982 says:

    @Starspawn17 LOL same here

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