high raw food 30 day challenge

Try a high raw diet for 30 days you will feel MUCHO better!

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  1. moviedude22 says:

    Yes but what about the massive sugar-spike associated with the consumption of all of those morning fruits???

  2. LaraHastings says:

    You look awesome! Way to go raw! I have been trying to do this, but I have cravings for cooked foods and not enough motivation. I feel I eat healthy enough as a vegan, but I would like to go a step further. Well, one step at a time.

  3. TheGloryofMusic says:

    I eat tons of fruit, especially´╗┐ melons. Fruit is the only food besides mother’s milk that is intended by nature to be eaten. It’s the plant’s way of spreading its seed. Also, it requires almost no digestive action.

  4. yummiez says:

    i agree with the whole raw food campaign..im overweight well i guess doctors would say obese..but i was thinking about how itd be great to start a weightloss campaign to start making a change in america..i know u made this video a long time ago but ive done raw in the past and im going 100% starting today.

  5. holylok says:

    ur fucking awesome we got a revolutionary here! lol I’m joining woooooo yeah I’m already exited about the benefits lol especially since I do drugs n drink alcohol so I’ll need it alot lol keep up the good work revolutionary

  6. watermelonchic13 says:

    im joining! yaaay i wanna lose weight thankyou!!!! x

  7. noreexic says:

    shes called fasting girl, this is sick

  8. pyogazel says:

    Why are you talking about quantity? She’s talking quality, she’s not saying you should starve yourself… she even says you’ll feel satiated… I think you’re missing the point.

  9. noreexic says:

    cause u need to eat so much more than that, ur poison

  10. pyogazel says:

    what is nonsensical in eating more fruit and vegetables?

  11. modernclics says:

    Go eat a hamburguer then!

  12. MirandaLeeWong says:

    Raw food is great but the type of diet you’re talking about here is not ideal for everyone–especially the high fruit content suggested.

    I’ve found that The Body Ecology Diet does a good job at really creating true nutritional health.

    Check it out.

  13. pinkklash says:

    i eat SO MUCH FRUIT. its scarey!

    like its my favorite thing in the world to eat, and its usually ALL i feel like. i always feel so bad eating it because of all the sugars in it. sugar breaks down collegen in your skin and when u eat too much fruit its stored as fat. at least thats what i thought. but i love love love it just plain apples are so good!

    nice vids!!

  14. ACEBAKER911 says:

    check out the channel of


  15. noreexic says:

    Stooooop with this madness, untill uve got a degree in nutrician, then stop preaching nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kakulupe says:

    you look good and radiant..im encouraged!

  17. littlemexican says:

    how much weight have you lost with this diet and how long have you been on it?

  18. fastinggurl31 says:

    Oh YES I have the book The Hallelujah diet. I love their approach & support all the work they do. If you can be mostly raw your ahead of the game!

  19. fastinggurl31 says:

    Buy the book The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose it will forever change the way you look at dieting & help you reach a healthy weight NATURALLY!

  20. littlemexican says:

    this video really motivated me im thinking of doing the lapband but i thought i would give dieting one last final shot at dieting wish me luck and thank you very much for your video.

  21. 183729jiffy says:

    Raw is a very difficult thing to adjust to. Especially if there is no motivation.
    And eating raw food is not necessarily about loosing weight but about getting your body to be healthier.
    My father is 90% raw, and my mother 60%. I have not taken a full liking to the concept. But I haven’t given it a true go.
    You want to keep the high sugar fruits to a minimum.

    To Fasttinggirl – Have you checked out Hallelujah Acres? They have some interesting recipes and thoughts on the matter.

  22. Flxiblemetro says:

    I am 30 now, I have been suffering from low energy since I was a teenager.

  23. madtairam says:

    as a bodybuilder, i’m on a low carb “diet” all the time which i guess is called atkins. no fruits ever, medium cooked meats which leaves certain enzymes, drink artesian water, detox candida every 6 months and i look and feel great with a single digit bodyfat (8-9). i believe the key is the elimination of starches/carbs so i agree with the cap – never have/had shingles or herpes or cold sores. you need wormwood and transfer factors for shingles and you look overweight fastingurl!

  24. Squabbles10 says:

    You can get rid of it with Jim Humbles MMS !!

  25. captainpdx says:

    Why are you telling people what to eat, when it looks like you are fat? Maybe I’m wrong, but then why do you only show your head?
    I’ve been doing the Atkins low carb for 4 years now. Started with a 42 inch waist and got down to a 32 inch waist in 6 months and I’ve maintained a 32 inch waist for the last 3 1/2 years. I eat chicken, steak, bacon, eggs, cheese, butter… ALL the good stuff. And I’ve NEVER had shingles.

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