Homemade organic miso making

“Miso” is full of enzymes to power your immune system. Try making your own miso. You’ll see how simple the process is. The video was recorded on Feb.22, 2009 at Mr. and Mrs. Shinoda’s house in Saitama, Japan.
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  1. koshkatoverdrive says:

    I know this wouldn’t be miso at all, but… is it possible to use other beans (for instance, say, garbanzos) with other cereal to create a fermented product simmilar to miso?

  2. appleboo411 says:

    where can i get malted rice , or how can i make that my self

  3. miwako999 says:

    That’s an inspirational idea! I just do not know anybody who has done that yet. Thanks a lot for the comment.

  4. dromycatcher says:

    what about sprouting the soybeans untill they become soft intead of boiling? I bet that would make it even more healthier

  5. miwako999 says:

    Thanks a lot. Stay healthy eating miso. :)

  6. itsspinningtime says:

    Loved the video and the recipe.

  7. miwako999 says:

    You are very welcome! Many thanks for the comment.

  8. cali1456 says:

    thanks a thousand

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