Housekeeping: Natural Insect Repellent : How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Easy, Cheap, Safe & Clean)

Getting rid of fruit flies requires pouring baking soda and cider vinegar down the drain, keeping towels dry and making a fruit fly trap with a jar, some cider vinegar and a paper cone. Eliminate and prevent fruit flies in the kitchen or bathroom with information from an organic farmer in this free video on insects. Expert: Lauren Roy Contact: Bio: Lauren Roy has been in the natural living business for about 15 years. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn
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South Swedens main city gets a visit from opinionated Londoner, Dave Smith.
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  1. msheavenlykiss says:

    @dandaman9753 I was laughing my ass off as she was saying that :)

    It’s a good tip though… many sugary liquids left out in a jar or container for them to trap themselves in, does the trick!

  2. TheClovenHeart says:

    This lady is flustered as anything.

    Prevention isn’t the proper term. If this was “prevention” it would mean they never got in the house to begin with.

    That said- If you make the hole of the paper cone VERY small and then tape the paper cone along the edges of the glass jar that might work.

  3. ShpinxiLotus23 says:

    another thing you can do to those kinds of traps is put a couple drops of dishwashing soap in with the vinegar and swirl it around. that way if they make contact with the liquid, the soap will make a thin layer on their body and suffocate them

  4. dandaman9753 says:

    1:06 rofl. A fly gets out RIGHT before she says they can’t get out. And it’s plain as daY!!!

  5. Camigirl12 says:

    i swear i saw a fruit fly get out!

  6. MsSamzilla says:

    YYYEAAAAAAAAA! I booked that too!
    embarrassing much

  7. reksub10 says:

    a can of flammable deoderant and a lighter for a homemade flame thrower and incinaerate those pesky fuckers also its quite fun ,but not if you burn your house down

  8. sUprshOnda08 says:

    um.. i had to PAUSE the video for a second to write this:

    look carefully at about 1:06 …y did a fruit fly escape? I thought it was supposed to be a trap. Im mad. That’s embarassing.

  9. 250zt1fcdpymrnk says:

    LOL, I see that too. Right before she says they can’t get out, a big fruit fly escapes.

    You need to add some dish soap to the mixture in order for this to work

  10. CityUndead says:

    Hahahaha XD

  11. misscollegiate08 says:

    niceeeee lol

  12. 3x0du5jsant says:

    when i trap them a will burn ‘em all

  13. risadanielle says:

    10th! Yay!

  14. thamuddler says:

    good eye.

  15. TextRF says:

    @ 1:08 a fruit fly escapes

  16. josephseven says:


  17. soulvisitor says:


  18. eldrama1 says:

    i’m reporting you to PETA

  19. Spartan727 says:


  20. gimie1 says:


  21. drummerboy199 says:


  22. filly0723 says:

    hahahah wht a fckin cliche!!

  23. Pompeyman17 says:

    The nice thing about Sweden is you don’t see any Daves there! Malmo is lovely and incredibly welcoming.

  24. fanihelvete says:

    not bad at all! could have shown more places in malmö though.

  25. adamcrookedsmile says:

    That Dave fellow should wash his mouth with soap before journeying abroad!

  26. beowulf1963 says:

    Piss off, Dave!

  27. carbfreecreativity says:

    Absolute brilliant! Shit off you mugs!

  28. sillke1a says:


  29. olivtrad says:

    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!! im swe but its so funny!

  30. cbellanga says:

    hahaha … this is great!

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