How To Kill Indoor Gnats Quickly tip In this video, you will learn an easy simple way on how to kill gnats fruit flies quickly with this organic concoction without using any pesticides before gnats turn into an infestation in your home, business, garden, or green house.
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  1. 35LoveBug says:

    I would take a can of beer & leave it open over night & let it go flat.

  2. badboyorganics says:

    @35LoveBug Old beer? Explain what would be considered old beer?

  3. 35LoveBug says:

    I liked it but I think old beer wodks better, but I didn’t thimk about the soap part. Thanks for the idea.

  4. badboyorganics says:

    Leave a comment if you used this technique and if it worked for you.

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