How To Start Organic Home Gardening

How To Start Organic Home Gardening

The quest for safer, more nutritious produce has turned many on to the idea of organic home gardening. Organic gardening is not a complex task to undertake and it doesn’t take a lot of money to begin. With a few basics and a plot of ground, you can begin your own organic home right in your own backyard. We’ve got the steps to get you started in organic home gardening, so you will be ready to plant your own crops as soon as the next growing season rolls around.

The first step in beginning your own organic home gardening experience is to understand exactly what we mean by organic gardening. An organic garden is one that does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or synthetic ingredients of any kind. Instead, elements from nature are used to feed and protect the crops so they can grow as naturally as possible. Organic gardens are good for the environment as well as healthy and nutritious for the people who eat their harvests.

The first step in successful organic home gardening is a healthy soil in which crops of all kinds can thrive. The way to get nutrient-rich soil without relying on chemical fertilizers is through natural compost that comes right from your own garbage pail. These ingredients can be kept in a makeshift compost bin right in your own backyard, until it is ready to be added to your garden soil. Avoid adding ingredients to your compost pile like plants that have previously been treated with chemical pesticides, meat or dairy products or animal waste.

Once it is time to ready your garden soil for planting, begin by adding your organic compost and then spade it into the rest of the soil. You can also perform a soil test on a sampling of your soil to ensure it is appropriately balanced with all the nutrients your garden will need to thrive. You can opt to have your soil tested professionally by taking it into your local extension office or nursery, or you can test it at home using a kit you purchase from your garden center. Preparing the soil is probably the most important step in the entire process, since healthy soil reduces the risk of pests or diseases harming your crops.

Organic home gardening is an excellent way to expand your gardening repertoire. When you begin with your own organic compost and healthy soil, you are much more likely to enjoy healthy, thriving crops. A bountiful harvest will ensure everyone in your family appreciates your organic gardening efforts to the fullest.

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