I Want It Ital – Pepino Dulce Home-Grown

my very first pepinos (solanum muricatum) ripening in the sun! i’m wondering how they taste… i’ve read, the flavor of the fruit is a mix of melon and pear… The pepino is a domesticated native of the Andes. The sweet fruit is common in markets in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Chile, but less often overseas because it is quite sensitive to handling and does not travel well.

Beautiful Garden in Summerland BC. Summerland Ornamental Gardens.
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  1. rams392 says:

    @superjezz 3 month? 4 month?

  2. superjezz says:

    how long did they take to ripen? I have some on the bush and are not growing anymore but are staying green….

  3. bishonenchan says:

    i did just get the seeds XD

  4. JulieBoolie88 says:

    looks beautiful :) I am growing some my own now

  5. 061772ENRIQUE says:


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