In Depth Guide to Home Composting (Part 1 of 3)

■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ Click link above to get your FREE 0 Dollar Home Depot Gift Card! You can use it to buy supplies! ;) ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ ◘ ■ What Materials Can You Compost? Pretty much all your organic household and garden waste is an elligible candidate for composting although there are a few exceptions. Things to particularly avoid are meat, fish, bones, fats and oils, dairy products like milk and cheese, dog and cat droppings as these can attract animals, create foul smells as they degrade and carry nasty diseases. Also, whilst weeds and plants can be added, it is advised to dry out persisent weeds and remove seed heads before adding these. Ashes are also best avoided, as are glossy magazines although shredded paper and cardboard are fine to add. Feel free to add waste fruit and vegetables, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds (worms love them!) and tea bags, hair, leaves, grass clippings and other organic waste. As a general rule, if in doubt, leave it out but most organic waste will rot down just fine and if you shred it or cut it up smaller, it will compost faster. How Long Before It Becomes Compost? This depends on the balance of materials in your compost heap, the weather and the amount of time you can devote to the project. If you want to take an active managed approach to your composting then you can have afully composted
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  1. maslabud says:

    @eredy god damn your a paranoid idiot, anything anyone does you think it’s the government conrtolling them, well gues what man the governmen controlled you to type this man,

  2. maslabud says:

    @Armornone your a moron

  3. emblemquadriviumbcd says:

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  4. ruthiemelpf says:

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  5. Armornone says:

    @killer2611 If you really want to save our planet, we can eliminate the blacks and spics from the 3rd world countries. They are overpopulate the earth.

    I am not saying you have to kill them or anything. Just try to sterilize them via their drinking water to reduce their population. That will do a lot more than car pooling to work or whatever else the hippies are telling you

  6. zobcity01 says:

    Gia green earth worshipper movment is All about manipulation controll and dehumanizing ppl. Its about control of ppl minds and value systems and control of the earth and its resources for Their satanic mass population eugenics operatives. Well proven and documented. nothing new under the sun there!

  7. BlueBerryWizard says:

    (part 2 of 2)
    We can only take up so much land and resources before we run out and destabilize the environment… Fresh water is a precious resource throughout most of the world, and many densely populated areas have been relying on mineral water which doesn’t replenish and will just round out. Same thing goes for our fuels, minerals, and fertilizers. Besides this, our farmland and cities destroy natural habitats which we rely on for our survival too.

  8. BlueBerryWizard says:

    (Part 1 of 2)@eredy
    Population control is a good thing & the green movement is not evil. When agriculture began 10,000 years ago, we had a global human population of about 4 million. For the next 5,000 years the global population stayed at 5 million. Then it started growing steadily. By 0 AD we had 170 million people world wide. When the Black Death ended in 1400, population growth became rapid. In 1815 there was 1 billion. We have almost 6.9 billion people today.

  9. eredy says:

    green movement is about control any law that takes away from rights isnt for man kind but a evil agenda to control population look up agenda 21 but i do compost

  10. abrahamandlilli says:

    nice to see some people being responsible for their actions and reducing what they send to the landfills. i think that people who dont recycle what they can are simply immoral.

  11. killer2611 says:

    iv been composting 100% of yard and kitchen waste for the past 2 years because we are destroying our home… we do not have the tech to just go out and colonize another planet but we are acting as if we have it to our disposal. i recycle and reduce and from a family of 4 we only throw out like 2 plastic bags full of garbage a week… probly 2 pounds of of trash a week. sure im doing all of the work because everybody in my family are lazy bastards but if i dont do it then who will?

  12. 1too3fore says:

    Typical rich folk comment. My mom would cut out the rotten part and salvage the rest, that is what salvage means in the food world. There are restaurants that throw out whole packages of stuff just because a tiny part is moldy. Amazing!

  13. PacoBell says:

    Really? How do you “salvage” a rotten tomato, pray tell? In any case, they’re composting it. It’s NOT wasted!

  14. 1too3fore says:

    Ridiculous, look how much food they are wasting in the compost pile, whole tomatoes that could be salvaged. No wonder America has such a bad reputation for wasting their food.

  15. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!

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