Indoor Garden Part One

Patti, the Garden Girl, sets up a seed starter.

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  1. ThetaGen says:

    @bonzaibb12 Home Depot has the fixture for $9 and the bulbs for $4-6 for two. I don’t know if they come with ballasts or not. But if you shop around you can find some good deals. The one that is $9 at Home Depot is usually hidden in the back behind the more expensive shop lights. I was there 3 times before I actually saw it hiding back there. ;0)

  2. bonzaibb12 says:

    How did you get the Fixture and bulbs for $16 ? where did you buy them. I have never seen them that cheap

  3. BillyAteMySoul says:

    Rosemary tends to get too big quickly in my area to grow this way, but any other herb should be OK.

  4. LoraFromOregon says:

    I love the “do-it-yourself” model. I don’t have a sunny enclosed porch like you but I do have a big basement. I bought shop lights with the 5,000 Calvin tubes and a timer and have been propagating cuttings all winter (hydrangea has been the easiest but I’ve done hundreds of different kinds from hardwoods to stem tip and even oaks from acorns) Now that it is Spring I’ve added a seed starting warming pad. (This probably should have been added this winter but oh well, live and learn.)

  5. victoryskater says:

    fibreoptik haha ohhh yea yew can use it for ANY type of herb legally and illegally haha

  6. thestivs says:

    you seem like a very credible source for this information and communicated it in a way I understood

  7. fibreoptik says:

    is it ok to use your indoor garden for growing any kind of herbs… ? :)

  8. newculture says:

    Wow, fantastic! Great production values!

    Yes, growing food at home, and inside the home, is going to be just a normal part of most people’s lives, particularly those of us who live in temperate climates.

    With peak oil and the decline in the oil production in sight, it will just be a matter of gardening being an inexpensive and essential way of getting food. :-)

  9. gabriellesunheart says:


    I hope you like my travel videos too!

  10. gambitrocks says:

    Great vid, keep it up.

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