Is Organic Food You Eat Worth More Than Conventional Food?

Is Organic Food You Eat Worth More Than Conventional Food?

The various myths and the facts related to organic food are discussed here.

There exist no nutritional differences between the conventional food we take and the organic food. Even though all of us know that the chemicals which are used in the conventional food are harmful, many of us are not aware of the fact that, the chemicals which are present in the food as residues when consumed over decades by the humans can enhance the accumulation of fatty tissues. This is the major reason why we can even see small children being obese.

But the regulations related to organic food restrict the use of phosphoric acid, hydrogenated fat, colourings as well as artificial flavourings and preservatives. More over the environmental issues related to the production of conventional food is also absent.

So if we grow organic food, it will help in maintaining the environment and living beings healthy.

The second myth which is surrounding the organic foods is that we have to pay more for availing organic food. People have a belief that the value of the organic food depends on the price tag attached to it. No one cares for the fact that the organic food has more values in terms of the nutrient contents as well as dry weight when compared with the conventional food.

Yet another myth related to the organic food is related to the usage of organic food for weight loss. People who want to lose weight deliberately avoid going in for conventional butter and use organic butter. Whatever it is butter is butter, even if it is organic. Organic foods do not contain anything that act as suppressants of appetite. So please do not be under the false assumption that if you use organic butter or any organic sweets, you will lose weight!!!!!!

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